Sunday, June 6, 2010

LETTER from BABAJI - Imagine This

Mahavatar Kriya Babaji
Begin by imagining yourself walking along a beach at night. The rainclouds hold their moisture as they hover very close overhead. Suddenly a beautiful, magnificent beam of light bursts through the clouds and you wonder at the celestial-like beauty of the light which reflects off the ocean waves gently lapping along the shoreline. The clouds close in again and the light has disappeared.

You sit down on the sand and look at the clouds again where the beam of light appeared. You wonder if you have imagined the Light. Again the clouds part and the light reappears. Again you wonder if your have imagined the light. For the third time the clouds open and a Light Sphere the red and gold colors of the sun appears against the black void behind the cloud. The Light Sphere grows brighter and brighter as the clouds open further and further. You feel as if you have entered a null zone as all awareness of the material world fades away.

You sit in wonder at what the Light Disk may be. Suddenly you realize that this amazing light is a "Light Disk" from another dimension and somehow your inner eye has awakened and is showing your physical eyes this magnificent view into another dimension. Your telepathic abilities also have been awakened and someone or consciousness begins communicating with you from inside the Light Disk.

Through your newly awakened senses, which extend beyond the physical five senses, you recognize the Light Being as someone from your soul's journey through time and beyond. He is an old friend and you speak with him in a heart to heart and soul to soul telepathic communication. You perceive him within the third eye which seems to have an OM emblazoned in golden energy in your forehead between the eyebrows.

You recognize this Light Being as your Satguru who has taken many forms throughout your soul's journey through time. You bask in the remembered love and camaraderie you feel and you sense that he feels this as well. You sit in this energy and love for a time, and you realize it is the "anniversary day " of the Light Being and he has come within your consciousness to celebrate it with you. After some time, the clouds begin to slowly close and the Light Sphere disappears behind the clouds. And in your heart, which you have realized always communicates truth, you know that he is ever with you and always will be!

I Am Mahavatar Kriya Babaji, your friend here on Earth and beyond the Celestial Stars. . .Forever. Amen and Om.

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6th of June 2010

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Inga said...

I am in Los Angeles at the moment. I went to the Self-Realization Fellowship Temple in Malibu yesterday. There was Meditation in the morning. Later i wanted to go to the Beach but it was to clouded to lay down. When i read the post in the evening i realized that it is my anniversary with the light Being. I meat Swamiji on year ago, at the darshan in Springen on the 6th of june.
Much Love Inga