Friday, June 25, 2010

Letter from Babaji: Time Flies When You are Haviing Fun

Mahavatar Babaji: When the time comes for man to keep his promise to his Divine nature, his mind often rebels and thinks that he is imagining things. That is how it is in the beginning of awakening souls. Why is this do you think? When a child is running just after the toddling stage, he often staggers or does not run in a straight line. So it is that man in the awakening stage of his remembering The Divine and his connection to Him often makes a zigzag movement of this way and that, back and forth within the mind.

Let us begin to imagine that it is 12:00 a.m. and the moonlight is bright on your face as you sit outside your dwelling place on a deck attached to the home. A black panther screams and growls in the night [or in Asia, Africa and Latin America, a black leopard and in North America may be black jaguars or possibly black cougars]. Some of you may wonder how the panther came to be near you, as it is not native to your place. Nevertheless, imagine you hear the panther, and for a moment your mind gives you the built-in signal of the “fight or flight” syndrome. Then you decide to control your mind and know that you are safe as you can go quickly into the house if the panther should come closer. So the mind is quieted and the fear leaves you. -Babaji

“There is no place for fear; people must work fearlessly in the world. Maharishi Markandeya (ancient Hindu rishi of India from the Brighu traditon) has said that we must be fearless. When a man is fearless, no man can stand against him in battle – either in a battle in the material life or in spiritual life; he is victorious in all the battles of life.” -Haidakhan Babaji

once was sitting in darshan with thousands of people in an ashram in south India. A play from the Vedic teachings was being performed by young people from one of the schools this Enlightened Master inspires in the USA (the young people, mostly of Indian nationality, had traveled to India, but live in the USA). Suddenly an electrical fire burst out at the ceiling of the mandir/temple as flames and sparks flew outward and a hissing sound could be heard throughout the temple. Thousands of people reacted by startled movements and some making startled sounds. This is the amazing thing that I will never forget! Actually, I was watching the face of the Master and not so much the play at the time this incident occurred. The fire was behind him at ceiling level and he could plainly hear the hissing sound as we thousands, who sat in the darshan could hear it. He never flinched; he never moved. He sat calm and serene watching literally thousands of people in front of him, who momentary reacted with fear to the electrical fire and the sudden loss of sound of the young person speaking. If truth be known, he probably never batted an eye! What a lesson / demonstration in having no expectations, having no fear, being completely centered in the Divine Self, an Enlightened Master, The Divine Itself! I thought: I want to be like him! Obviously, I am still working on it! -Utpalavati

Returning to Mahavatar speaking:
The Divine calls you and you decide whether to respond or not. In this circumstance, you do not experience a “flight or fight” response. You experience the mind deciding whether to answer the call or not. And your mind thinks you are imagining that you are hearing the Divine call. You must learn to control the mind to find the Divine Within and the peace that it brings. There is something that is occurring on Earth today in the physical, material world called a make-over. The people, who have these, sometimes extreme make-overs, often feel good about themselves for a time and then, of course, they find that while the outside has had a make-over, the inside is still the same. They say, “Time flies when you are having fun.” But then the dissatisfaction with life and themselves creeps back into the mind and the physical make-over lessens its joy as time slows again.

Nothing will completely satisfy you until you locate the Divine within your heart and begin that journey to union with the Divine. It is Written and It is So. So Let It Be.

I am Babaji of the Light Forces of the Divine Nature of man and beast and God.

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