Sunday, June 27, 2010


Swami Vishwananda: “Once you have mastered the first one, [the first level of five levels of Atma Kriya] the Second Level Kriya is just one exercise, one Kriya.” Paramahansa Yogananda in his autobiography identified the Second Kriya as Lahari Mahasaya taught his disciples, but did not explain the technique itself. Yogananda wrote that the burden of the years has no detrimental effect on a great yogi’s complete possession of the highest, supreme spiritual powers. The great yogis can renew their physical bodies at will, but sometimes take the opportunity of advanced years or an illness to work out the residual karma in the present body rather than taking another incarnation.

Yogananda explained that the Second Kriya as Lahiri Mahasaya taught it enables the person who has mastered it to leave and return to the body consciously at any time. Advanced yogis use the Second Kriya technique during the last exit of death, a moment they invariably know beforehand.

Mahavatar Babaji transmitted recently that etheric memory is an evolutionary frequency that Earth dwellers more frequently are manifesting at this time in the Twenty First Century.

Utpalavati: We know this is occurring from the many books, movies, etc. being produced in recent years from people’s recordings of their etheric experiences. The subjects of these productions include out-of-body experiences, remote viewing and near death experiences. People of all traditions and paths to the Divine, which includes everyone, are beginning to remember more and more from their excursions into the etheric worlds during the sleeping state at night. Most rarely or never remember this exit and re-entry into the physical form at night!

Swami Vishwananda, in the following video speaks about the five levels of Atma Kriya and the Second Kriya as given to him to teach by Mahavatar Babaji. He does not, however, tell us the Second Kriya technique or if the Second Kriya given to him by Babaji is the same as Lahiri Mahasaya taught or not. –Utpalavati


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