Monday, June 21, 2010


Never shall I forget the
Beloved’s unfathomable face.

His face greets you in darshan blessing,
Eternity reflected in his brilliant, luminescent eyes.
This beautiful, ethereal face smiles
With pure love and beauty Divine,
As his mysterious, ancient, wise eyes
Look into your vulnerable, priceless and
Naked atmic soul.

The Beloved clears karmic samskaras
From Earth-bound souls,
Who still wander in time and space,
Chained to the natural restraints
Of Earthly pleasures and woes,
Riding the winds of time out of mind
Following gurus and teachers galore.

Now is the time to
Blow a kiss to the winds of time,
And free yourself to dwell in Eternal Time.
His loving voice echoes in your longing heart:
“Come . . . Come. . .
Come Home,
Evermore to dwell In Eternal Time
With Me, and Thee, and The Divine,
Manifesting the triumphant,
magnificent three-in-one."

Know ye that now in your time,
Shiva is standing up
Cosmic Meditation
In the great and grand Himalayas.
Be ready,
Because when Shiva is on his feet,
Many dimensions stand alert.

The action of Shiva's destruction
And Vishnu's sustaining regeneration
Begins again, and
You stand...also... in jeopardy
Of winning or losing your chance, now,
For either
Attaining or temporarily forgetting, again,
Your Cosmic, Eternal Home.

Even as all this is birthing new life,
Never shall I forget
The Beloved’s beautiful, enigmatic face.
So…let it be…Love Forevermore...

Amen and Om.


Haribol, Haribol, Haribol

Translation: For being more attractive than Cupid, You have stolen my heart.

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