Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Letter from Babaji: Purity is True White Light

Mahavatar Kriya Babaji: Purity comes when the time is ripe, my friends. “A comedy of errors” is an expression which may be used on Earth when someone is trying to do something for which they are not qualified, and to do it at a breakneck speed, isn’t it? Well then, it is the same with enlightenment. You see, someone has asked me tonight (Babaji awakened me and transmitted this letter exactly at midnight last night -Utpalavati) [someone asked me tonight] for an explanation of the way to enlightenment as it applies to the neophyte, the beginner, the one who has not thought long and hard upon the subject. So I respond that in time, it takes time, sometimes, for a beginning awakening soul to find the place on the path on which he stands. That sounds like an oxymoron (like “wise fool”) isn’t it?

In actuality, most people do not know what their relationship with the Divine is or why it is they are searching for something or someone whom they do not remember knowing. It is like that for the one beginning to awaken from the long slumber, perhaps of many lifetimes. There are questions and confusion as to how he is expected to find someone whom he does not know, a conundrum of the puzzle type. In times such as this of the awakening one, the World of Spirit comes to the rescue of the floundering soul. One’s own Guardian Angel, as you term it, comes into the waking state to leave clues, markers for the searching soul.

A Guardian Angel can take the form of everything from apples on a tree falling into one’s hand when one is hungry, to an appearance of your angel in your vicinity of wherever you are at the time. The reports you have of angels at work on Earth at this time in great numbers is truth. Never fear, it is in Divine timing that this is occurring. A young, awakening girl in Croatia recently saw an angel in the back outside area of her dwelling place. She saw a form of a swan or great white bird. The bird, or angel, spoke to her within her heart and mind. She was receptive to the vibration which the angel carried and understood on a deep level that the angel had been sent from God for a Divine purpose. This angel in the form of a white bird carried within his beak a certain seed which he deposited at the base of a large rock there. This seed will grow into a bush which will be of a Holy nature. This young one will know the meaning of the bush and its usage in divine healing which will come into her awareness. The people who will come there for healing will be given a leaf of that plant that is to come into manifestation. The people, who have faith in the Divine, will hold one of the leaves from this bush in their hand, and healing will descend upon many.

What is the purpose of such an unusual happening? The Divine is coming to the pure at heart at these trying times upon Earth as the Kali Yuga is ending its influence upon the hearts and minds of mankind. As the Christ taught as in Issiah 11:6, (Bible, King James Version) , “A little child shall lead them.” "The wolf also shall dwell with the lamb, and the leopard shall lie down with the kid; and the calf and the young lion and the fatted calf together; and a little child shall lead them. (KJV) This is to be taken literally and figuratively. You see the pure at heart may be of any chronological age while having the pure heart of a child who has yet not been conditioned to the ways of the world. When one who is an adult goes within the heart and finds that place of eternal purity and then displays purity in all that he is and experiences, that is Divine Grace, my friends. So it is this young girl in Croatia, who recently had this visitation of her Guardian Angel in the form of a white bird, through the Grace of the Divine, will be a Divine instrument, a great healer of the physical and assist with soul attunement to the Divine for many in the near future. So Let It Be. It is written and It Is So.

I am Babaji who comes in the night to a messenger, and in Divine Timing in all things. Are you aware that the original meaning of the word, “angel” is “God's messenger?” You may aspire to come to me in a similar way; that is in Divine Timing. I am ever receptive to purity of the heart. Purity, in its true nature is God manifesting as light. Aspire to show your light which you all have in abundance. Aspire to shine that Love Light always, and in all circumstances. That is the Grace of God manifested in your own day and time, my friends. -Babaji

Utpalavati: Years ago I subscribed to a magazine, "Angels on Earth." After posting this entry, I had the impression to look for something on the Internet to refer readers that corresponds to Babaji's statement in his letter: "The Divine is coming to the pure at heart at these trying times upon Earth as the Kali Yuga is ending its influence upon the hearts and minds of mankind." I came upon an advertisement for the Angels on Earth magazine to which I used to subscribe; I liked it very much.

This is not a suggestion that anyone subscribe to this magazine. However, the magazine contains stories of people's encounters with angels in present day. Here is one of the magazines explanations of what it contains: "The purpose of the magazine is not to convert you to anything but, rather, to tell true stories about people who have had encounters with guardian angels. "Belief" is left up to the reader. Some of the angel stories are of the "miracle" type: surviving car crashes, shipwrecks, serious illnesses, etc. Others are of the more "ordinary" type, such as the stranger who is there at the right moment. This fits with the Jewish POV [acronym for "Point Of View"] of an angel, since the Hebrew word, malach, can refer either to a supernatural being or an earthly messenger. . .

"Angels on Earth is published six times a year by Guideposts, which many people know through the "Guideposts" magazine (inspirational) and holiday theme books. Although Guideposts is definitely a Christian publisher, the "Angels" magazine itself is non-denominational and even inter-religious at times. One of the three issues we found in the doctor's office [this is a testimonial from someone] had a story about a Jewish Holocaust survivor. Another story was about a child looking for a lost cat, with no real focus on God as such, other than being "guided" to look in an unlikely place. Some of the people in the stories aren't all that religious or, if they are, their particular religion is presented as a part of their personal bio as it fits into the story, not as preaching or "witnessing."

This review in the magazine advertisement was interesting : ) : "Angels on Earth magazine was mentioned in a blog I stumbled upon about a year ago. On a whim, I decided to subscribe. It was money well-spent."

If you are "guided" to look at this magazine or find other angel encounters just "google... angel encounters" for pages on the subject. Here is the link for the magazine itself...be aware that it is an advertisement: http://www.amazon.com/Angels-on-Earth/product-reviews/B00005QDWH/ref=dp_top_cm_cr_acr_txt?ie=UTF8&showViewpoints=1

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