Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Atma Kriya - Swami Answers #5 of 11

It is better not to mix Atma Kriya with any other meditation (or healing like Reiki). That’s best! –Swami Vishwananda
Shiva's Sacred Home of Yogis the Himalayas Mt. Kailash
Swami Vishwananda Answers 11 Questions about - ATMA KRIYA:
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Mixing other meditation or healing
techniques with Atma Kriya

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Anonymous said...

An aspirant's TRUST in GOD or GURU should be strong and permanent. If a foundation is strong then only multi storied buildings can be built over it. If the foundation is shaky, the building standing on it will collapse. Similarly if the true aspirant's Trust is shaky some of the spiritual benefits accrued will be lost and further progress will be drastically affected.
If an aspirant has kept faith in his human Guru, whatever may happen to his/her Guru, the aspirant should not at all be bothered. It is the TRUST that the aspirant keeps on his/her Guru that counts, not the guru's charisma. If the Guru's charisma is great ,but the aspirant's faith is less OR if the Gurus charisma is less,but the aspirant's Trust is abundant, it directly affects the progress of aspirant. In the former case aspirant will not gain much and in the later case the aspirant gains tremendously.Therefore, only TRUST is the yardstick to measure aspirant's spirituality. In fact the aspirant should keep Trust not on his Guru's body / form, but in the Almighty God's presence in the Guru which is the Real GURU for the aspirant. If the Guru's body dies, the Real Guru doesn't die; if some blame comes to the guru's body, nothing affects the Real Guru. Therefore, absolutely nothing bad happens to the aspirant's Real Guru and when this is the case the aspirant is safe. The Guru's body is only a sign board --- The aspirant should move forward as per the direction shown on the sign board. The aspirant should continue his/her spiritual journey keeping his/her tremendous faith in the God inside his/her Guru. After all one fine day the aspirant will have to move from the body consciousness of his/her Guru or SADGURU towards the BRAHMAM CONSCIOUSNESS.