Thursday, March 25, 2010

OM Purification With Divine Light

This week in Shree Peetha Nilaya in Germany, Swami Vishwananda has an ATMA KRIYA course in progress.
OM HEALING is included in Atma Kriya.

OM Ajna Chakra
OM Meditation with Swami Vishwananda:
  • I ask you, please, to sit straight if possible.
  • Firstly take a few deep breaths. Inhale and exhale.
  • When you exhale, please drop your shoulders, because when you inhale your shoulders go up and you put pressure on yourself.
  • When you exhale, breathe out all the carbon dioxide. Breathe out all the air that you have in your stomach. Let your stomach go in, drop your shoulders.
  • Breathe five to six times. – Pause -
  • Now we give a game to the mind to play. Use the mind. Listen to your breath. Listen how you are breathing, how you are inhaling and how you are exhaling. Listen how beautiful it is, this sound.
  • Now use your mind, focusing it on the third eye. Create an OM sign there. Or any sign you like.
  • Each time you inhale you see the light, the OM becomes brighter and brighter. Imagine it, create it. You are children of God, you are part of God. So as he is the creator you all are the Creator also, so you create.
  • Now let the OM expand and let the light become more bright. There will come a point where you will not even see the OM. It will just be light.
  • Bring the light from your forehead to your right eye than to your left eye. Say to this light: Purify my eyes and heal them. – Pause –
  • Now bring the light to your right nostril of your nose, than to the left. Tell to the light: purify my nose and my smell. – Pause –
  • Bring the light to your right ear, than to the left one. Say to the light: Purify my ears so that I can hear your name always. – Pause-
  • Bring the light to your head. Say to the light: Purify my mind that I can always think positive about myself and others. – Pause –
  • Bring the light to your mouth. Say to the light: Purify my mouth that whatever I speak is out of love. That I may control my tongue. – Pause –
  • Bring the light to your right arm and hand than to the left. Say to the light: Purify my hands that I am always ready to help. – Pause -
  • Bring the light to your legs and feet, the right one and than the left one. Say to the light: purify my feet that I always walk the right path. – Pause –
  • Bring the light to your heart. Feel the light in your heart and go deeper into the light. Say to the light. Make my heart that I love unconditionally. – Pause -
  • Stay focused in your heart
  • Slowly open your eyes.
  • Chant with me.
  • We will Chant OM eleven times. As you inhale, and when you chant OM, let it vibrate in your chest.

Sri Swami Vishwananda’s Voice
Chanting OM -- OM Healing Video
(with inspirational pictures)

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