Saturday, March 20, 2010

Service to Man is Service to God

In March, Sri Swami Vishwananda went to Kenya, Africa where he visited the house for handicapped children and the seva group he inspired 5 years ago. After his return, before a Darshan, he shared pictures from this project, and gave a beautiful talk that made us remember how much we can be grateful; and also the importance of helping others. COMMENTS of Swami Vishwananda pertaining to the pictures from the Vishwananda Seva Project in Kenya, Africa (see Flikr Link below):

1. This is the home for children. I tell you something, when you look at their eyes there is so much joy in them. When they smile, it’s truly from the heart. It’s not just for the sake of smiling but really from deep within them that their smile comes and you really feel it.

2. This is some wheelchairs that we gave.

3. Look in their eyes.

4. Even if they are disabled, there is love.

5. This is the group when we went there the second time.

6. This is the blind children. This is 5 years ago actually.

7. This is amazing, this picture now. This is 3 children from three confessions. One is Muslim, the middle one is Christian, and the third one, I think his mom or dad is Hindu and the other parent is local, but they are all blind. When they prayed, they were all sitting on the same table, but each one was doing his own prayer in his own language, in his own faith.

8. Some of these children don’t even have spines.

9. What they are doing there is teaching the children to be self sufficient so they don’t have to be dependent on anyone.

10. They cook the food there.

11. This is the seva group there.

12. These children here, they don’t have spines.

13. You see he’s eating with his feet. I will tell you something amazing, I was sitting with him and it reminded me of an uncle my mum had, he was a brother of my grandma; he also was handicapped of the hands, but with the feet he could eat. He could draw the most amazing pictures and this boy also is the same. He can write better than my own handwriting.

14. They are cutting the vegetables.

15. This is the children with the brains that get big and the parents can’t even help them, they can’t do anything. Some of them are just thrown away, just like that, in the bin. You see in this culture there, it’s like this, when a child is born handicapped, they always think that it is from the devil, most of them. They think it’s a curse. So because of fear of society, they throw their children away; they throw them in the bin. Sometimes they leave them right in front of
the home, they just leave them.

16. That’s Rakesh which is standing there; he’s in charge of the seva group. It’s him who is pushing the group there into this seva direction.

17. They are handicapped, but they help each other. Sometimes people have their feet, everything is perfect, but they never help someone else.

18. You see here, this girl, the one which is taking the biscuit right now, she was so sweet. It was nice because next to her there was another boy and before she would eat, she would feed him first.

So, I guess that’s it. Just a little bit, I didn’t want to shock you or anything, but to show you so that you can open your heart more. There are people who need help, a lot of people who need help; of course we all need help, but there are people who need help more than us. So think about that. Jai Gurudev.

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