Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Whispers from Eternity:
The Eternal Voice softly said to me: "Through thy slumber of ages I whispered, 'Wake thyself!' Thou hast forsaken thy sleep, so now I say: 'Wake thy brothers!' Work thou with Me, that all men have My word.'

"I shall broadcast thy message, I promised." "And when I leave my Earthly form, I shall borrow thine omnipresent Voice to murmur within each receptive heart, O Listen to His soul-solacing songs!"

My countless brothers, I shall wait for all! As they slowly travel in a seemingly endless procession toward the blissful goal of Self-realization, through Whispers of Eternity I shall gently say: "Awake! Following His ever-calling voice, let us go home together.

-Paramahansa Yogananda from Whispers from Eternity


Vishwananda-Utpalavati said...

Dearst Tarun:
In response to your last comment which is personal, and we will not place it here:

A "Whisper from Eternity," just for you: From the heart of Babaji, I tell you truly: Stand in front of a mirror and look deeply into your own eyes for five minutes. Remember what Swami Vishwananda said about the Eyes of those who have very little in the material world, yet their eyes have something in them that often people who have lots do not have.

As you look into your own eyes in your mirrow, determine how it is you choose unhappiness and weakness? Are you depressed, unhappy? You choose how you will be, no matter what life circumstances you have created.

We can help and are helping you, but you must make more effort yourself, as do the people of whom Swami was speaking in his last Darshan. Has your teacher spoken to you about this? Yes, I know about it! Never doubt it! And I know about you! Please consider to decide to be happy and also consider stopping complaining, as however you are is your own choice.

Be happy. We will continue to be with you. Be calm inside yourself in the waking state, THIS IS AN ASSIGNMENT! You ask for my help, this is what I wish you to do for yourself! Attaining the Samadhi state is no guarantee of freedom to be in the waking state, isn't it? We must balance the material and the etherial, isn't it?

My blessings I send you and my love, always. - Babaji

Anonymous said...

Society can be set right only by those who have firm faith in God. Sacred teachings should be imparted to the students and they should be encouraged in the service of the society. Only then can there be peace in the world. It is not enough if you merely pray "May all the beings in all the worlds be happy." You should serve the world; you should serve all. You should develop the spirit of selfless service.

Anonymous said...

Dear Bhagavan, I have no idea how to impart sacred teachings to my grown up daughter and inspire her to do service for society? which teachings would she be open to, and how could she want to volunteer for a good cause? Love and JGD