Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Letter from Mahavatar Babaji

Mahavatar Kriya Babaji
“I want to have Satsang/Deeksha with Babaji. Please teach me what steps to follow,” someone placed into comments on Virtual-Babaji-Vishwananda yesterday.

Mahavatar Babaji responds: Greetings, dear friends – Deeksha or Diksha has become known in contemporary times as the “Shakti or Energy Blessing.” Enlightened Masters, through their grace, offer the gift of Deeksha as shakti, the divine life-giving, enhancing energy which is transmitted from the Master to the person receiving the blessing. You ask what steps you may take to reach the Deeksha and Satsang of Babaji. You surely know that chanting the Divine name of your choice, prayer and meditation are ways to create this for yourself.

Come along with me in your imagination on a journey within. Gaze for a few minutes at the picture of me, that we have placed herein, and that a very talented and divinely inspired artist has envisioned of my form. Then simply close your eyes in a quiet place and be with your Self in calmness. See me in the Ajna, third eye area. Let your thoughts drift as if on a cloud, up and away. Do not hang on any of them. Imagine that thoughts are on a journey through your mind and it is not polite to detain them.

Think of me now seated in your heart in any way you imagine me to be, and I will be there with you in the form you choose; be it Light, or a seemingly physical form or whatever you prefer. I am ever available to all of you who call my name, any name by which you know me. It truly is simple; Satsang/Deelsha with Babaji is available like a cosmic umbrella of sunshine that shines on all equally. There is one important thing you must do, however. You must want it sincerely, as your teacher, Swami Vishwananda, tells you continuously. It is truth. It is written and It is so. Have the Satsang/Deeksha with me that your heart truly desires. It will be so!

Atma Kriya, as I have given to Swami Vishwananda connects you with my vibration, my Shakti/Deeksha, my being, my love, my company, that which is known as Satsang. Atma Kriya, you very well know, is one step you may take to reach me. Christ taught you to pray: “Our Father who art in heaven…,” do this. And Christ said, “Greater things than I have done, ye will do;” truly greater than Satsang with Babaji, you may reach Self-God-Realization with Atma Kriya. It is so!

In my book, Unity With The Divine, I have placed a Forty Day Meditation. This is another step you may take to call forth Satsang/Deeksha with me. Many of you have done this, isn’t it, Ranjini – Tarun, and all of you? Through the grace and efforts of Swami Vishwananda and his disciples, Unity is printed now in English, its birth language, and the Polish and German languages. The meditation is readily available as it may be sent to any of you through email as well.

It is ever easy to find me; you sincerely must wish it as Swami Vishwananda informs you. I am nearer than the breath you breathe, for truthfully, I am in your heart and I am in every cell that is you. That is all!

I Am Babaji, one who readily is available to each of you who sincerely seek freedom in this Kali Age, when simply chanting the name of the Divine has the potential to bring you home. Let it be so!


Anonymous said...

Dear Babaji, if someone has another Enlightened Master as Satguru, I mean other than You and Swami Vishwananda, and if one still practises AK, one will be drawn away from one´s Guru? or will it help to strengthen one´s devotion towards one´s Satguru? I am asking this, as there are several sayings like: it doesn´t help to have one foot in and one foot out...or: if you have one foot on one boat and the other foot on another, then, when the boats start moving, you will fall in the middle. Thanks in advance. Love

Anonymous said...

Those who presented to you their "weakness" must also be thought of as God, for you were able to recognize and develop your strength only through their handicaps. JGD

Anonymous said...

Dear Mahavatar Babaji,
thank You for Your wonderful letter.
In my heart I feel like You comment.
It`s important to focus on one way,
otherwise mind and heart get confused
with consequences that we as still
unenlightened beings cannot imagine.
The way You and Swami teach to all of us is safe and surely leads us to God. Jai Guru Dev Ramayotee

Anonymous said...

To the person first commenting:
My Dear Momentous Being, it is true that to be successful in reaching the goal of liberation, it is best to be focused and one pointed. The Divine has many gardens with lovely flowers and many teachers with wonderful blessings and teachings to share. So gather the flowers from as many gardens as you wish from those the Divine brings to you. So long as you know where your heart belongs you will not get lost in wandering in the many gardens of teachers and life, for your heart knows when to return to its place.

Atma Kriya is for your soul, the atma, wherein truth is evident by its divine love that is forever. Atma Kriya is for everyone! Love is love and knows no boundries and no efforts to compete, it flows freely to the all of creation. Atma Kriya is beween you, the atma, and the Divine. How then can you separate love into the question of moving from one guru to another as something to fear. Your heart knows the truth of you, trust it. Do not be blown hither and yon from guru to guru while not knowing your own heart. That is all. And do not fear Atma Kriya, it is Divine; trust that.

I am Babaji, one who knows you from your beginning without end; trust that from your heart. I send you blessings and I send you love divine. Amen and OM

Transmitted from Babaji to Utpalavati

Anonymous said...

Thanks and Love!

Vishwananda-Utpalavati said...

Babaji decides which comments he will respond to here publicly and which comments he will respond to within the person. Also he tells us that even when he has a message for everyone through a certain comment, also he speakes to the person who wrote the comment and all who read the message equally inside.