Thursday, March 18, 2010

Letter from Babaji - It is Time to Simplify

Mahavatar Kriya Babaji

Comment from yesterday's entry, "Cry: God Reveal Yourself," from a talk given by Swami Vishwananda.: "Dear Babaji, please, teach us, how to increase this love of God, how to love the Infinite One.''

Mahavatar Babaji: Many masters have come to planet Earth and many spiritual traditions exist throughout the world that countless Masters have begun through their teachings. Now is the time to simplify. All the voluminous spiritual writings throughout the ages have served as inspiration and a tool for mankind to increase faith on his path back to the Infinite One. In present day, at the click of an Internet key, one can instantaneously read on any subject under the sun. And it has been said, "There is nothing new under the sun."The human brain is on overwhelm! Thoughts run wild and uncontrolled in most minds today. Now is the time to simply, calm the thoughts and control the restless mind.

Swami Vishwananda has brought you Atma Kriya which can bring you to Self-God realization, "increasing this love of God" that was asked about in the comment. Do you practice Atma Kriya? Do you wish the Master to wave a magic wand and your love for God is thereby increased? We can only point the way, each individual must do the inner work himself!

In the midst of all this we have written above, the Infinite Loving Lord, the Divine Mother, herself, has sent Swami Vishwananda to you. Have you noticed that his talks are most always short, perhaps 15 minutes? Have you noticed that he does not quote long passages from the Vedic or Christian scriptures or any scriptures? He speaks simply and to the point with inspirational stories and quotes straight, short and to the point! Swami Vishwananda always leads you to go within your own heart and to find the Divine Love, which you truly are, and then spread it everywhere. This is his mission! He is on the planet for you all, and not for himself! And he has endured criticism for his "simple" teachings, but he lovingly continues to show you how to love from the heart! Why is that do you think? It is time to simplify!


Anonymous said...

Beloved Babaji,

why are we sometimes so blind and ignorant that we don't see, who Swami Vishwananda is in reality?

Anonymous said...

Follow Sri Swami Vishwananda with your heart and then there is no more Question, no doubt. Then you know and feel it deep inside who he is.
Love D.