Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Cry: God Reveal Yourself

Look at the life of Jesus.; it's so beautiful. He taught mankind how to transcend the ego into the Divine Self. When you go deeper into the mystery of it, you will see that Krishna has taught the same. He has shown it to mankind. We also have to continuously remind ourselves that we are the children of God. Whenever we have a problem we identify ourselves with the problem and say: "Oh, God has turned his back on us." We don't realize that we have turned our back on ourselves. If we look deeper within by turning our gaze inwardly, we would find the solution for every problem. Everything that you want to know, it's just there.

Forget about the mind and just enter the heart and don't be scared to let the heart open. You will say, "Oh, if I open my heart, I will get hurt!" No! just let it happen; don't think about it. You are here to love; just love, nothing else.

...Open up your heart: Cry to God, asking: "God reveal yourself. Help me that I can call myself the son of God, the child of God! Finally you can say the same as Christ did: "Oh, yes, I am One with God." (From SSV Talks 2005)

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