Thursday, February 25, 2010

Letter from Mahavatar Babaji 2/25/2010

Beloved Friends,
When a friend asks for your help and you are able to give it; give it freely. In time, the desperation of people that presently is being felt universally within the world community will alleviate itself through time marching onward. It is my message to you today that I am ever with you. When the time comes for our Internet connection to be complete, you will understand why I have come to you in this way and at this time. For now, let us enjoy the opportunity to commune together as friends. It is said that “Birds of a feather flock together.” (Meaning; “Those of similar sensitivity congregate in groups).

Our connection through these blog entries stems from the Divine within each of us and the Soul Mission of Sri Swami Vishwananda. Connecting with the Divinity within ourselves and then spreading this Divine Love readily, freely and liberally everywhere and to everyone is a noble cause. Let it be that those of you who resonate from the heart with the mission of Swami Vishwananda do hereby volunteer to diligently go within yourselves and follow through with his teachings. That is all you need do to connect with the Divine. Love is all there is and this Divine Love will set you free when you truly remember that Love Is What You Are and Ever Will Be.

Lord Ram with Hanuman
I am Babaji of the Great Himalayas, the eternal mountains that send the breeze of humanity’s salvation ever directed toward the heart of each of you. Listen to the wind of Hanuman, Ram’s emissary of true devotion who whispers to you in the wind of time which you currently are existing within. Ride Hanuman’s wind of devotion on the back of Garuda, Vishnu’s Vahana, into tomorrow’s promise that now is your moment of salvation. Merge this wind of change into your tomorrows which forever live in the Eternal Now.

Oh, worldly man,
free yourself from the illusion of sin within,
that never was or will be again.
Sin is illusion in the maha maya
of worldly pleasures,
savored and experienced while
you choose to stay “Lost” in time,
as modern TV portrays, again and again.

Leave sin to float, forgotten,
in time and out,
and come home to Eternal Time,
without beginning, without end.
Amen and OM.­

-Mahavatar Babaji

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Tarun said...

Dear Babaji, Dear Guriji,

from the bottom of my heart


Anonymous said...

Beloved transcendental master,
every word of Yours is one further
step in the direction of enlightenment. Your letters bring so
much relief and clarification. How
can we express our gratitude? Impossible to express by mere words.
May the Lord make us recognize more
and more the grace You and Swamiji
shower upon us.
Jai Guru Dev Ramayotee

Anonymous said...

Dear Babaji, thanks so much for all your activities, and all the faces You have worn at all times! Jai Guru Dev and Love