Thursday, February 11, 2010

There Is No Difference

Swami Vishwananda

There Is No Difference

Forget about your body.
Concentrate on yourself and
The Divine within you.
If the mind is playing games with you,
Close your eyes and repeat inside,
“I am the light. I am love.
I am joy, I am peace!
”Recite it many times,
Until you become this light,
This love, this joy, and this peace.

See it.

See it in the eyes of God
That There is no difference;
See it in the eyes of Jesus;
You will see there is no difference.
See it in the eyes of Krishna;
You will see there is no difference.
See in the eyes of any master,
That there is no difference.

But if you try to see this Light, this Divine Love
with the mind,
You will see difference. . .nothing else.


Anonymous said...

God-realization should not be put off to some distant future. It has to be taken up here and now. That is the purpose of Shivaratri.

Bishwa Priya said...


babaji please bless me on this auspicious day. Or I would be blown out on this materialistic world.