Thursday, February 18, 2010

Magnificent Meditation Promises Samadhi

Swami VishwanandaSwami Vishwananda promises the following meditation, if done correctly, will bring the state of Samadhi, when followed with committed practice.

Swami Guiding Meditation:
Energizing the Divine names inside of you through energizing the Spirit with the Divine name. . .


- Close your eyes.
- Take a few deep breaths.
- Inhale and exhale.
- Remove all your tensions.
- Remove all the thoughts from your mind.
- As you are breathing out, let all the thoughts from the mind be released.
- Inhale and exhale, without giving any break in between.
- So inhale, directly exhale and when you have exhaled completely, directly inhale. (Silence)
- Now focus your attention in between your eyebrows.
- Whatever thought is in your mind which is passing by, don’t try to stop it, let it pass, let it go! Don’t hang on it because if you hang on it, it will hang on you. (Silence)
- Focus your attention on the center point in between your eyebrows.
- Chant your mantra at that point. Chant your Guru mantra or a manta you know or: Om…Namo…Bhagavate…Vasudevaya…Namaha.
- Chant the mantra not in the heart, but chant it in between your eyebrows. Chant it slowly and feel each word of the mantra that you are chanting. (Long silence)
-Now, come back to yourself and open your eyes.
- Practice this for 15 minutes each day.

Maybe you will not reach the Samadhi state the first meditation but with practice you will. Usually you do not reach Samadhi in one go. This is how you energize the Divine names inside of you; you energize the Spirit with the Divine name. So practice it; do it for 15 minutes everyday. It’s not much, is it?

Excerpted from Pre-Darshan Talk of Swami Vishwananda, February 5, 2010. For availability of CDs and DVDs of this talk and others, and further information of Swami Vishwananda and Bhakti Marga, please contact:


Tarun said...

Dear Babaji, Dear Guriji,

thank You for taking care all the time...

Greetings also to all sisters and brothers.

From cold North Germany


Dayakari said...

Dear Guruji,

Danke für das Gefühl der Verbundenheit, Danke für das Gefühl der Nähe, Danke für das Gefühl deine Liebe zu spüren. Danke für diese wundervolle Meditationstechnik.

In Liebe