Sunday, February 21, 2010

Letter from Babaji

Mahavatar Kriya Babaji
Dear Internet Friends,
Down through time we come together in lifetimes where we see a face; we hear a tone of voice; we see the raising of an eyebrow or a certain smile. Then we awaken some faint memory, feeling or knowing from within the Soul Self. We remember that somewhere we have known that smile before. One of my present disciples has a guide who has been with her from her beginning. He tells her that he recognizes her each lifetime by the iridescent, green hue that always is present in all the eyes, in all the bodies that the Divine Mother has given lifetime after lifetime. That is a poetic way of saying that he recognizes her soul when he looks into her eyes no matter where she is, or who she is in the physical. All of you have this inherent aptitude whether you consciously are aware of it or not!

When we meet these souls from times gone by, in your understanding, then we get to know some of these people who ring the bell of our soul memories from the eternal self. How often do we create, sooner or later; tension, anger, jealously, dislike, and even hate toward these persons as they come and go in our lives? The loving feelings and faint memories we brought forth in the first glance, the first words, the first look into the eyes disappears into the samskaras, in the making, of the new/old acquaintances. And that is how it is; I can hear you thinking.

Those of you who are my friends and devotes of Swami Vishwananda, as well, here on this contemporary internet connection have a good chance to change all that. Do you want to do so? The Guru, the Spiritual Teacher comes to you from above the Earth vibration from the higher realms of “the many mansions” Christ spoke about. Even the Guru, through time, you take for granted or become complacent in your following of his teachings. Why? You must develop the will, the hard core decision to take control of your senses, your desires and just say, “No” to the characteristics that develop the samskaras which you carry from lifetime to lifetime.

If you really and truly want to be free to roam in the higher vibrations from whence come the Gods, the Gurus into your world, you must purify yourselves into light body to be free of the wheel of karma. Do you think the Gurus’ bodies are the same as yours? You may say they look the same, but the true Guru has a different system within. That guiding light always divinely steers and motivates the body physical as you see it. Be respectful when you encounter such a one and remember that he, too, at times hungers for your support in his mission even as he supports and loves you. Indeed he is complete within himself, but the body physical as it is, at times, would be happy and welcome your love and your support. Be mindfully aware of this.

Staying true to your course will bring you home, my friends. Remember to love everyone equally, be loving, kind and generous in nature and leave the accumulation of samskaras in the dust heap of history. Come home to roam with the Gods who come to you in meditation, in your heart, your true being, the true Self. Amen and Om. (From Mahavatar Kriya Babaji through His Imprinting Technique).


Anonymous said...

Dear Babaji, it is exactly as You are saying, I have even become sarcastic and condescendant. and my samskaras are once more trying to prompt me to move on. But please don´t forget that a hard and unrewarding life has made me that bitter. Love

Anonymous said...

Beloved Mahavatar Babaji,with this letter You really touched my heart!
Your words transfer a feeling to me,that our beloved Guru resonates strongly with the love we are able to
spread to Him,even in our unenlightened state. You somehow take my fear and restraint to really open
my heart when meeting Him in Darshan
or elsewhere.It`s such a devine present to be in contact with You and to receive Your blessings on this way.
Jai Guru Dev Ramayotee

Anonymous said...

Dear Babaji, please help our brothers and sisters in South Africa. They meet Swamiji so rarely on the outward plane. May they see Him and You more often on the inward plane in order to be consoled. Love

Tarun said...

Dear Guriji, Dear Babaji,

my heart is singing:

listen, listen to the whisper of my soul... i will never forget...

Love is pain, sometimes. Even in case that there shouldn´t be a reason - my hunger is Yours...

i´m missing You.

coni said...

Dear Babaji, it is weird to see your words imprinted. But I know you can speak to my heart, an I think it is better that way. It is Pure.
And it is so weird to me when I think your being is living in this earth, in a body, and I feel more connected with you, I feel such a great love, you are my beloved Paramguru.
Always with gratitude, and expecting you will guide me through my path, that while i'm walking I don't strand, than the work I do Is worthwhile for my brothersouls....