Thursday, February 4, 2010

Indian Cobra Worshiping Shiva at Solar Eclipse

Miracle in Kumbakonam - South India - Cobra doing Archana for Siva Lingam Dinamalar - Miracle on January 15, 2010 - Solar Eclipse day

Kumbakonam: At the Siva Temple in Thepperumanallur, large numbers of devotees witnessed a miracle of a Cobra doing Archana for Siva Lingam with Vilvam leaves. In Thanjavoor district of Tamil Nadu, near Thirunageswaram, there is a Siva Temple at Thepperumanallur. Here Vedhanthanayagi [Sakthi] with Viswanathaswamy [Siva] are the main Deities. In this Temple, it has been customary to do archana with Rudhraksha only.

Just before Solar Eclipse, at about 10:30 AM Sivachariar Satish, priest of the Temple, noticed a Cobra lying on top of the Siva Linga.The snake slowly descended from there and went towards the Vilvam tree which is the Sthala Viruksham- Holy tree of the temple. It climbed the tree and picked a Vilvam leaf and came back and entered the Sannadhi.

It hissed at any devotee trying to get near it. It climbed onto the Siva Linga and opened it's hood and dropped the Vilvam Leaf. This miracle was witnessed by all devotees. Then the Cobra went again and again to do the same repeated two or three times. As the news spread all over the village, hundreds of villagers rushed to the Temple to have the Dharshan of this event of Cobra with Siva.

[Note: Vilvam leaf (Bilva Leaf) is holy and special for Siva Pooja] News in Dinakaran - Dated: January 16, 2010. The Priest explained "It is doing the archana during the Solar Eclipse time to wash off its sins." The Naga Serpent has been regularly visiting the Siva Idol for the last three SOLAR ECLIPSES. The priest and some locals had arranged for a photographer a few months back during Sooriya Grahanam. In fact, they had kept milk offering also for the Naga. But the snake did not appear on the day. On this particular SOLAR ECLISE Grahanam day, when the priest opened the Sanctum Sanctorum he saw the snake on the top of the Siva Linga idol. He immediately called Mr. Thenappan the photographer who lives in Thrunagesvaram a kilo meter from this village. [Sent to VBV by Madeleine Heiss]


Anonymous said...

Incredible,but yet another devine hint for mankind to respect the entire animal world.Many of them seem
to live in a higher state of
consciousness than many members of
the human race. It`s a sign to open
our hearts to all living beings of
creation. Jai Guru Dev

Anonymous said...

Yes, to all living beings of creation...


the million million colors and forms

Spring from one color, one form

Pay no attention whatsoever

To castes or divisions.~

Those who do not recognize God, die

Those who give their hearts to anything but God, die

Those who enthuse about the Scriptures, they die, too.

They adore the words
But never realize
The Spirit behind them. ~

All they go about doing, in fact
Is applying makeup
To eyes already blind with prejudice ~

O Realize
Once and for all
The Lord of Eternity lives
In every pot~


Tarun said...

This snake and your comments give me a lot to think...

It seems to be that God is also able to send messages very clear to human by animals (in case that we are open enough to see and to understand...)

Also could it be that animals have a kind of understanding about humans consciousness.

So, funny ore not so funny animals are perhaps holy animals, - very holy animals... ! It´s not so far away from human, isn´t it?

Or even perhaps farer then we can immagine?

Thank you.