Saturday, February 20, 2010

Falling in the Middle

Shiva the Destroyer/Regenerator

Very often people go on a spiritual path
in a very superficial way, saying, “Let me
try it. Let me see what it is about.”
But these people will not reach anywhere. If
you have one foot in and one foot out,
one day you will drop in the middle. It’s
like it is said, you can’t enter two boats
at the same time
because when the boats start to move,
what will happen?
You will fall in the middle, you will fall in
the ocean. Same way if the boat is sinking,
you have to run quickly and find the
boatman so that he can help you
to cross this ocean of life.

By being in deep meditation,
Shiva is inspiring you all to look inside, to turn
your gaze, not on the outside but inside.
-Swami Vishwananda

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Yes,dear Babaji,dear Swamiji,
I resonate from my heart.It`s a clear
and strong guideline.On my spiritual
way some years ago I changed my boat-
meanwhile with both legs-and still feel deep thankfulness to the former
boatsmen.God sends his love to us
through many ways and by his grace
the master can change.
Jai Guru Dev Ramayotee