Monday, April 21, 2014

Sri Swami Vishwananda's Easter Talk

Someone kindly sent us the Google translation from Croatian to English of Sri Swami Vishwananda’s Easter talk. Please consider it the general or gist of his talk. Later perhaps we will have the “official” English words of his talk and will publish his talk at that time again.

Sri Swami Vishwananda’s Easter Talk (translated by Google from Croatian to English)

Mind is very difficult to have faith. Mind always explores faith because you doubt yourself. 
One thought arises and you have faith, and then another thought cancels first and says that you have no faith. You are always under challenge in the mind. When such a situation arises, then there is no faith, no love, because faith and love arise in humility. Without that, nothing is worth. God is manifested through many saints over the centuries to remind us of one thing - that we are divine. You must know your godlike nature. It is an inheritance that you awaken true love. This will happen when you have faith. God has made ​​it possible to achieve the easy way šaljeći us his messengers to remind us of the simple things. But the human mind is very complicated.

It is difficult to understand the simplicity. 
People prefer large lectures because this is mind food. People often complain to me: "Guruji , jaaaaako is difficult , how to achieve it?" I keep hearing these lamentations. Saints constantly reminded us of it, but it looks like it is hard to understand.

When you give people simple things, then they are asking tough. 
When you have problems you like to complain: "Why is it so hard? Do you not understand anything? " But when you give them a light thing then they complain because it was too easy. When they do things more difficult then they complain that they cannot continue . What do you want?

Christ said:" I'm tired of you giving you the laws and writings, I’ll do it for you" 
He took upon himself all. Crucified and despite raised in glory and took upon himself all the sins and thus filled a great sacrifice. This is a true friend. He took your sins, your karma on himself. But he did not say just that. He did not say that it takes all to himself, but said: "If you want to follow take up his cross, I’ll help you, but you must do your part. 'll Help you, but if you do not accept whatever God gives you will not get nowhere even if I do it all for you, you would not do anything at all."

Everything would have been futile. Because you do not know the weight of his cross. When you wear it you know, and you know when you receive help. 
But if you say that Christ will do everything for you then continue to wait. So many people think, since Christ said: “Give me your burden I’ll carry it for you. He took upon himself the sins of the world. "

Why did he have to suffer for the sins of us all? 
He came to show us the way.

That's what everyone should do. 
Erect your own cross and accept whatever God gives us regardless of whether it is good or bad. God will give us what we need. It is a fair God. Maybe it's not fair for the mind because we are all 'wise' people, smarter than God. What better to learn than to accept God with faith and love, we will see that He carries us. Our life is guided by his will. "I can show you how to love, but you can not force love." This has to come from your side. Offer love and God will accept it. This is the resurrection - when you come to know, when you accept your spiritual journey. When you are firmly anchored in your spiritual path, there is nothing you cannot shake.

When you look at what Christ told the apostles that's exactly what I have said. 
He gave them everything and showed the way. Do not be like many who have been around Christ taking all for granted. Be as close to Jesus as his disciples. Although during the crucifixion some were not with him, they returned. Be like them who are totally surrendered to His will, His love. Christ is risen - is truly risen!

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