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Hanuman Chalisa Blessings

Two Videos of Hauman Chalisa Chanting - See Below

To celebrate Hanuman (known as Chiranjeevi-immortal) , a great devotee of Lord Rama, is often sung at the Centre Shree Peetha Nilaya Hanuman Chalisa, which itself has an important place in Hindu tradition ... 

We bring you the translation of a selection of some verses that mention the beneficial effects obtained by their singing.

Celebrate Hanumanovy birthday 
"Hanuman Jayanti" 
singing the Chalisa!
1) singing the opening verses ( Doha)  Hanuman Chalisa many times will remove the guilt resulting from conscious or unconscious insults teachers - a devotee of Rama. 
2) singing the second verse eliminates difficulties in life and brings wisdom and strength. 
3) singing the opening verses of the Chalisa - " Jaya Hanuman gyaan guna saagar ... " - bless the man's divine guidance. 
4) singing the third verse - "Mahaaveer vikrama Bhajrangi ..." - help remedy a person who is in bad company or fell into unwanted habit. Also provides abundant power. 
5) Singing seventh and eighth stanzas - "Vidyaavaan Gunite Athi chaathur ..." - helps activate Rama bhakti, and so a man becomes dear Lord Rama. 
6) Singing eleventh verse - "Laaya Sanjeevani ..." - helps clean up the toxic bites and removes the fear of snakes. 
7) Singing twelfth verse helps eliminate misunderstanding between brothers and creates unity among siblings. 
8) Singing thirteenth, fourteenth and fifteenth verse helps to achieve fame. 
9) Singing sixteenth and seventeenth verse helps to cheer up when losing a job, position, or in obtaining the desired promotion post. 
10) Singing twentieth verse helps in meeting even difficult tasks overcoming all obstacles.
11) Singing twenty-second verse brings divine protection during adverse planetary periods. 
12) Singing twenty-fourth verse helps to remove negative energy, including ghosts (boot) , demons(pisachů) , malicious and evil beings (saakin, daakin), over which it has control of Hanuman, and the Gods of black magic. 
13) Singing twenty-fifth stanza help achieve good health. It also provides the ability to endure physical pain, if one is injured. 
14) Singing twenty-sixth verse brings relief from hardship. 
15) Singing twenty-seventh and twenty-eighth verse gives (grace of God) surrender of desires. 
16) Singing twenty-ninth verse brings glory. 
17) Singing thirtieth verse helps victory over the forces of evil. 
18) Singing thirty-first verse gives occult powers and brings wealth. 
19) Singing the other four verses (32, 33, 34 and 35), assists rejoice in ethical and fulfilled life without worries, without frustration, at the end of such a contented life one reaches the divine abode of Sri Rama. 
20) Singing thirty-sixth verse brings relief from discomfort and pain. 
21) Singing thirty-seventh stanza ensure Hanumanovu grace. 
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Indian Traditional Version

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