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Mataji Speaks April 16, 2014

Sister of Mahavatar Babaji
(Message via Swamini VishwaLakshmiAnandama, April 16, 2014)
Mataji and I stand on a snow-capped mountain in the Indian Himalayas. Through Her service to Her brother, Mahavatar Babaji, The Divine and to humanity, She shows me the world and all of humanity spread out below us beyond the mountain. These experiences necessarily take place in a higher frequency of energy than Earth energy and, therefore, cannot be fully explained in words. I am aware of being with Her loving magnificence and great beauty and simultaneously at my computer ready to write what She wishes to communicate to those who  resonate with Her and who will read Her message. 
-Swamini VishwaLakshmiAnandama

MATAJI SPEAKES April 16, 2014


Women of the world stand firm, strong and loving. Even as we speak now, the Kali Yuga is merging into the Sathya Yuga, the age of truth. In this new age women and men will walk side-by-side in equality. The age of Kali, which has brought competitiveness into the arena of every-day life, is slowly disappearing into the past. Cooperation is appearing more and more as we, your Spiritual Teachers, see the all. At present, all of you cannot grasp this great change as it is occurring by Divine Decree.

As my brother, Mahavatar Babaji is fond of saying: “It is written; so let it be!” Your children, in the future, will read the spiritual texts which predict this time of equality between men and women and wonder how it is that it took you so long in linear time to realize this great truth. Remember to inform them that The Divine has willed this evolvment or it would not have been possible. It has now served its purpose and is moving onto the horizon and will disappear in time to come, in Divine Timing.

In the Himalayas of India today, the sun is shining as we stand on a high mountain top and by Divine Power we see the whole of humanity and the world from this vantage point. As Divine Mother Lakshmi, I send showers of love in your direction of both material and spiritual wealth. Your only criterion is that you must want to receive this and retrieve it from your own spiritual heart!

My wish is that those of you, who know me as, Mataji, will listen to your spiritual heart. Then you can choose to not be confounded and mystified by what some may say is subterfuge about these messages, but know the truth of them from your heart. I am slowly beginning to pour from my hands, in beams of light directed to the hearts of resonating souls of Earth, unconditional love and truth of the Sathya Age to come.

In compassion and love,
Mataji – Sister of Mahavatar Babaji

Mahavatar ad Mataji's Method of Transmitting Messages: Mahavatar Babaji informed Lahiri Mahasaya at their first meeting in the Himalayas on Dunagiri Mountain near Ranikhet, India: “When  one realizes one's unity with humanity, all minds become transmitting vehicles through which one may work at will.”

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