Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Mahavatar Explains Symbology In Painting

The backdrop of the painting is in a Himalayan forest in India. lush with verdant foliage and trees. There are small patches of snow not yet melted like in the late springtime. Around me are growing the Himalayan orchards which spring up even through the snow, and which I like very much. I am sitting in padmasana, with my back against a tall tree. Mataji is sitting beside me, to my right, with eyes closed deep in Samadhi. She is wearing a sari in a deep red, and with a golden choli (or blouse). On her sari are scattered, small gold tulsi leaves. Her hands are in the heart mudra. In her hair, behind her left ear, is one of the white orchids like some of those that are on the ground.

I have my eyes open and I am smiling slightly. It is not as if I never smile. Earth pictures have me looking strict and serious, which, I am when it is appropriate. I am looking at a small cobra which has its hood spread and is bowing its head toward me. My smile is in acknowledgment, acceptance and pleasure of the little cobra's devotion. The cobra also represents my devotees on earth.

The sacred Ganges River runs along one side of the picture, just a small portion. I have my right hand extended to the cobra offering it a gift inside a gold box. This small cobra represents the awakening kundalini in humanity. The gift I am offering is my love, friendship, and the availability of mankind to attain The Divine when he opens his heart to love. Also the gift box offers, within it, the nurturing aspect of Narayana. Should one meditate on this painting and connect with the gift inside this box within his heart, it becomes a gift from which many manifestations for mankind may come.

My Blessings to all,
Mahavatar Babaji

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