Friday, April 18, 2014

My Friend Walking With God

Jesus Helping Disciple Peter Walk on Water


He walks in Light and Love . . . my friend.
He radiates love with his smile.
He, for me, characterizes the personification
Of Michelangelo’s beloved Sculpture of David,
That mesmerizing, mystical quality
Of an example of the finest Divine art
Man has created since the beginning
Of mortal time on Earth.

David, when just a boy,
Killed the terrorizing giant, Goliath,
With a simple slingshot and one rock,
Along with help from The Divine.
Later he became a great, Divine King.

People come to my friend and are changed
Forever as they progress spiritually
Each time they are in his presence.
He is connected to the highest gods
Of the Hindu Spiritual Tradition,
And with the immortal, unfathomable,
Beloved, Mahavatar Babaji.
His love and wisdom surpass the norm, and
This He shares freely with one and all, minus
Judgment, ego, pride or expectation . . .
Just Love!

He loves sweetly, strongly, wisely,
And gently like Christ Jesus
When he appreciated the woman
Who washed His feet with her tears,
Dried them with her long, lustrous
Black hair and anointed His feet
With the most Precious Oil of that time.
“Save the rest for my burial,” Jesus told her.
The crowd there did not know He would be crucified
On “The Old Rugged Cross” of Calvary.

To emulate him, this one who is my friend,
Would be a noble quality in any one of us.
May you all have friends like this
To love and be loved in return . . . tenfold.
This, we pray . . . Om and Amen.

Swamini VishwaLakshmiAnandama


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