Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter SPN Sri Swami Vishwananda

Easter 2014 - The First Days

Over the easter feast days we have a lot of prayers in our church - here is the timetable for the 2nd half of Easter Week:

Services have been observed daily for hours in the Church, celebrating the many stages of Christ's last moments on Earth

Mira and the choir have been singing the whole time in their wonderful way: 

We have already observed several liturgies and readings about the events and reasons why Jesus died on the cross for us. Several priests gave homilies, bringing clarity and understanding to the parables and words of Christ and his apostles. Everybody has been listening very attentively.


In the light hall there were two screens, one displaying the text of the readings and one a high quality live broadcast from inside the Church. This way it was possible for everybody to follow all the ceremonies in a comfortable way:

There where lamps prepared for the procession at the end of the ceremony of Good Friday. Everybody took one and we carried Jesus's body outside in a procession around the centre. 

So far it's been a fantastic week of love and devotion to Christ and the sacrifice he made for us all. We now head into the final stretch of easter with a renewed spirit and with great anticipation for his resurrection!

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