Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Surrender to the Lotus Feet of God and Guru

Surrender your mind to the lotus feet of God, to the feet of your Guru, to the feet of any Divine master. And free yourself. Free yourself from the mind, free yourself from all the misery that you have created. So when you free your mind, you realize the Divine everywhere in every aspect, every small thing. Even the clothes you are wearing are divine. Each atom is divine.

Sri Swami Vishwananda

Touching the Lotus Feet

In grateful relief for decrease
In ego-consciousness
I touch your sacred feet, with your blessing
And acceptance,
Which poured Your Grace into the body temple.
Oh, my belove-ed, I have come home
To Your Lotus Feet, at last.

Many perceive the change since
Initiation into your Sampradaya,
SRI . . . of Ramanuja
Once again . . .
Your ancient Swami Tradition
With Belove-ed Satguru
Sri Swami Vishwananda initiating.
You, Mahavatar Babaji, told him
To make this woman Swami over two years ago.
Through your Grace, and the Grace of
Sri Swami Vishwananda, this time came
On Krishna’s birthday, August 23, 2011.
It was time!
Blessed-ed be your names. Amen.

To become Love and fly with the Eagles
In the rarefied air of the etheric is a
Sacred trust through the Grace of
The Guru, the Belove-ed.

Let the All be aware of Your vibration,
Param Guru Mahavatar Babaji,
And the Love Vibration
Sri Swami Vishwananda personifies,
At all times, in all circumstances,
Let us chant your Holy Names,
Let us touch your Lotus Feet
Let us pray to Divine Mother
In Your Holy Names
Let us learn to love you, unconditionally,
As you love us.

We bow before you. . .The Gurus
Two-In-One. . . in surrender to

Your Divine Love.
OM and Amen.


Slideshow of Sri Swami Vishwananda's Divine Lotus Feet
by Gordana Milanko


Anonymous said...

"Change Your thoughts, change Your world clip" illustrates how we influence consciously or unconsciously our experiences:

It illustrates what Swami says that we have the choice either to perceive with the negative mind or to concentrate on seeing only Love as a substratum of All in which case the thinking mind is being dropped. JGD

Anonymous said...

Dear Babaji,
Is the mind useless? It appears to be completely stupid by creating projected realities - the illusion of truth. It must be utter madness to give the legacy to ones own mind. No wonder our world - this inner and outer is ridden by agression, envy, violence, competition and hate.jgd