Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Letter from Mahavatar Babaji

Dearly Beloveds,
Banana trees are said to provide the good kind of food for man. This is so when they have been allowed to flourish naturally as nature and God intended without pesticides. Often these days and time we find what is termed “empty nutrition” being consumed throughout the day. This kind of Being results in obesity and ill health for many in this world. Some of man have taken the higher road to better nutrition through consuming whole, organic foods, without pesticides, and which provide proper nutrition that feeds the cells of the physical form.

Throughout evolution, at some point, man began to radiate the lower vibration, through his thoughts of catering to the sense desire of taste rather than eating for energy and nourishing the physical cells. Now in this time man suffers the consequences in his body temple through ill health. Now is the time to take stock of what you choose for your daily nutrition and correct that which needs correcting in your daily lives as it pertains to proper nutrition and bodily physical health. This provides the optimum vibration and opportunity for you then to seek the Divine within.

Mahavatar Babaji


Deva said...

yaaay babaji, Hariiii Boool, thank you for sharing and supporting to nourish and energize the temples of the soul. All my love dearly beloved, dearest father, brother, best friend...

Anonymous said...

Jay Babaji,
Immediately upon having read Your letter the funny thought appeared that for a person who "lives in the mind" which is aggressive and vibrating low frequencies of all negativity with jealousy and pride even the best nutrition will be of not much help since the negativity sotred in the system becomes toxic and brings ill health and mental suffering. And the opposite is also true: someone humble and loving, calm and at peace with oneself, completely centered only on Love for God - will sustain on high vibrations and will live on prana! Than he may feel free to have some icecream or pizza as a bonus? The choice is ours....personally, I would rather have both: inner silence & a choco!
With Much Love,
Yours Great Fun
Big Hug to You Swamini

Anonymous said...

i don't know how you get me, but you always do! A few weeks ago i promised myself to eat more healthy but today i was fighting with someone and got really angry. After that i had breakfast. i thought nothing matters anymore and ate very unhealthy stuff and the picture of Lord Narayanaya fell down.For the moment it was somehow strange but i put it aside as an "accident" And now you! Babaji gives you such message.I know this blog is for everyone but it can be, at the same time, very personal.Lots of Love! thank you for the reminder-
Please don`t publish-just wanted to share that with you and you do a great job!!!