Friday, November 18, 2011

Comprehension of Love through Consciousness

Love resides inside every person. The mind can perceive the love with form but cannot comprehend love without form, the mind thinks in images. The mind wants to quickly understand everything. To comprehend love without form the consciousness is needed. The consciousness has to awaken to perceive this love. When you have touched this love inside, you start to become this love. God reveals Himself to you and His qualities reveal themselves to you. You start vibrating these qualities.

[There are] so many questions in our minds concerning loving God. Often we ask the question: "Why can’t we just love God?"Actually, to love God is the most simple thing you can do. But, yet, the mind always asks questions. There is such love that you just love without really knowing why you are loving, and in such love, you are loving God. To love God you don’t need to understand God with the mind.

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Vishwananda-Utpalavati said...

Thank you for the comment yesterday (you know who you are). What I can say is that I love both of them very much and did not feel anything but love when I looked at the divine beauty, and therefore did not distinguish. Love and blessings. ---Swamini Vishwalakshmianandama