Sunday, November 20, 2011

Journey to the Atma

Long before you come here [to Earth], it’s already said where you have to be, who will be your guide and when it will be that God makes everything possible for you to achieve Him. Actually, you can say it is you, but it is not you at all. It is only Him, because in the core of everything, your Atma is only Him.

Swami Vishwananda

AJNA The Third Eye
Ajna is the eye of intuition. When something is seen in the mind’s eye or in a dream, it is being 'seen' by Ajna. The Ajna is a bridge that links Gurus with disciples, allowing mind communication to occur between them. The sense and action associated with Ajna is the mind.

Hindus believe that spiritual energy from the external environments enters their body through this gateway and hence take action in protecting it with spiritually positive protecting forces. The various marks one sees on the foreheads of men and women belonging to the Hindu faith (like holy ash, vermilion etc.) are thus the blessed spiritual prasadam of their respective form of the Hindu gods. (Our own Sri Swami Vishwananda wears the identifying mark, or tilak, of Lord Vishnu seen at the Ajna in the picture above.)

Meditation upon Ajna, which takes one to the heart, the atma, the soul has the potential to grant the spiritual power of omniscience and to Realize Unity with the Divine.


“From rags to riches” is a dream come true.
Still, this dream is from the depths of hell one comes
And goes in this frame of mind.
How is that?

The material world is filled with traps
That are stimulated from mind to mind
In this world of Illusion and Illumination.
The “I” of the mind and Illusional, material world
And the “I” of illumination, the Atma, the soul.
Residing like a box within a box.
This is like RIP:
Rest In Peace . . .
After the body goes to its reward--
“Ashes to ashes and dust to dust,”
And the spiritual body goes onward to its reward!

Each decides whether he will lay
Up his treasures in this illusionary world with gold
Or the Lord’s Way . . . that is . . .
To trust and have faith in the spiritually magnificent,
Sacred hereafter dimensions of Love!

So when the mind-storms of life
Come your way, go to the center
Of the life story, the eye of the
Storm where calmness resides.
Go to the Ajna chakra, the third eye.
As you enter in it takes you to
The heart of you, the real you
Where peace and trust and
Faith in the Divine is alive
The mind is controlled herein
And calm and harmony bring
Real happiness to the one
Who travels to the Atma,
The Divine within.

Swamini Vishwalakshmianandama

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