Thursday, November 24, 2011

Love's Pearls of Wisdom by Mahavatar Babaji 24 November 2011

Once upon a time long ago” begins many olden-days Fairy Tales. “And they lived happily ever after” is how most end. Children learn this very quickly and can begin and end the story with the reader. Henceforth, we have the term “fairy tale.” In reality, “Once upon a time long ago” man came upon this planet to learn the truth of the Self which the Divine placed like a jewel waiting to be discovered within the heart of humanity. Wise ones of you enjoy the fairy tales but know that they mimic experiences of the material world desires, hopes and dreams. It is time for the dreamer to wake up to the Greater Reality within the heart and to “Live happily ever after” in the present moment. Do this now.

I send to all of you my Love and Blessings

Mahavatar Babaji


Anonymous said...

Dear Babaji,
Swamiji said(...)When we talk about love, about finding this love inside of us, it’s actually to find His Love inside of us, to catch Him completely and when we catch Him, then we can say “Yes, I have Him.”

Anonymous said...

Stunning graphics Babaji, awesome beauty! Big thanx to the artist!
Much Love to You Babaji and Swamini!JAY