Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Swami Vishwananda: Destiny Versus Freewill

When we look at a painting, we say, “Wow, how beautiful it is.” When we look at nature, we say, “Wow, how beautiful it is.” We never think of the painter who is painting this great painting. We look at the painting and we say how great it is, but how great is the painter himself?... The major part in one’s life is governed by destiny… Destiny is something which is ahead. No, it is now! It all depends in the present. The future depends always in the moment. You can change the future, but you can change only things which are located for you to be able to change. -Sri Swami Vishwananda

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Yesterday, we were inspired by a poem by Mirabai that someone in Poland sent after reading yesterday's poem on VBV. We then added the inspired verse five, pertaining to Sri Swami Vishwananda, to the poem: Shakti Shivers Up and Down the Spine. For those who may be interested, we are reprinting the poem today containing the additional verse five as well as the excerpt of Mirabai's poem, Strange Is The Path When You Offer Love, which inspired us.

Strange Is The Path When You Offer Love
by Mirabai (Excerpt)

Do not mention the name of love,
O my simple-minded companion.
Strange is the path
When you offer your love.
Your body is crushed at the first step.

If you want to offer love
Be prepared to cut off your head
And sit on it... -Mirabai

Shakti Shivers Up and Down the Spine

Rain sound falling on a rooftop, for some,
Sends Shakti Shivers up and down the spine,
A sign of the spirit, the Shakti,
Felt from the heart of your center,
The Heart-Self in man.

Krishna calls to Radharani as
His wave of Love
Travels the ley lines of heart to heart and
Mind to mind in Spiritland through time:
“Dearest Radha . . .
Show my people how to Love

Like only you can love!”

Winsome willow trees sway in the wind
As man plays in the sandbox of time.
Hanuman, that God of the Wind, whispers
A tune to the true devotee’s heart:
“Rama, Rama, Ram.”

Narayana Vishnu calls to Maha Lakshmi:
“Shower your wealth upon man, in
That of the spiritual and that of the physical.
On the beautiful blue planet of water and oxygen,
Offer the Divine breath of life . . . to man.”

Swami Vishwananda, that Satguru Divine,
Rocks the hall with songs of Hallowed Love
As He weds these two
In beautiful, magnificent
That known as the Hindu

And the Christian Traditions.
We tell you truly: When he sings,
He brings the devotees,
Of all Traditions
To their feet

In ecstasy of all that is Divine. . .
When they make that wondrous journey
From the mind to the heart,
That Holy Union with God.
And all this — while still living in worldly time!
Indeed, this is a feat worthy of any God,
Given man living in Kali Yuga consciousness time!

The Gods stand ever ready to guide mankind home
To the Self, the Divine Heart Within,
Sending showers of blessings
Like raindrops falling on a rooftop
Radiating . . .
Shakti Shivers up and down the spine!


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