Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Story of Divine Love Expressed in Physical Reality

By Mahavatar Babaji

Once when the Avatar Ram walked in a forest near Badrinath, India he came upon a young boy about 16 years of age. The boy was driving a stake into the ground while building a hut, in which to do sadhana. This place was near a waterfall which cascaded , beautifully and forcefully, from high on the mountain above Badrinath. The boy recognized the Divine Being, Rama, from the light which he clearly could see radiating all around and from his inner visions. As the boy looked into the eyes of Ram, he beheld the universes and creation in its wholeness.

Ram with Hanuman
a true devotee
Ram asked the boy, “What is it that you want; I will give you what you ask.” The words, the young boy respectfully said, came from somewhere deep inside himself as he said reverently and gratefully to the Great Avatar Ram: “Blessed am I this day to behold the Light and Love of the Supreme Being Rama and to receive Your Divine blessing. This is all I ask from you, My Lord.”

The Great Ram told the young boy: “You, my son, have been a devotee of Vishnu for many lifetimes. It is your destiny that I came this way today to give you your inheritance from many lifetimes of spiritual Love and Devotion of Bhakti. From this day forward, follow me for six months, and I will teach you what you need to know to teach those who will come to you for spiritual knowledge and wisdom to carry into their lives."

Ram then pulled the stake the boy had been driving into the ground when he came into the vicinity and wrote upon it, “Ram, Ram, Ram.” Henceforth, when you need me or anything of this Earth, hold this stake made from elements of the Earth to the third eye which connects you with Divinity and visualize what it is you wish to materialize. When you do this with devotion and Love, I will come to you when you call, and any material thing you need, will appear before you. There is one condition only, the wish must be completely filled with Love and Devotion, True Bhakti. Ram initiated the boy, giving him the name Tulsaidas, informing him that the name meant "devotee of Vishnu." (Rama was an incarnation of Vishnu).

After the six months of training with the Great Ram, Tulsaidas began teaching those who came to him from a hut he materialized in the forest near Badrinath, India where Ram first had encountered him. Having no need for a Palace of Gold and beautiful gems, the young man materialized a hut using the method containing the blessing taught to him by Rama. The hut appeared instantly, through using the stake with the name of Ram emblazoned upon it held at the third eye of wisdom of Love and Devotion, Bhakti.

An ashram later materialized in that place of the cascading waterfall, as more and more people came to learn the teachings of this devotee of the Great Ram who had received Ram’s blessing of Divine Love in physical reality! And the story is told that many lights were seen in the night there as in that sacred and holy place, many Gods came in the form of light – and some say even the Great Ram, Himself, appeared there!

Sri Swami Vishwananda
So it is in your day, my friends, your Guru, Sri Swami Vishwananda, happens upon you in your places in your countries. He blesses you and gives you gifts and teachings continuously.

Please take a cue from the young boy, Tulsaidas, who met The Great Ram in a forest near Badrinath, India. Be blessed, and remember to use the gifts of the Guru wisely.

Remember illusion is of the mind and the wisdom of Love and Devotion, True Bhakti, goes beyond the illusion of the mind and resides in the heart of man as Divine Love.

Forever Yours,


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Anonymous said...

Dear Babaji,
thank YOU from the depth of my heart for this wonderful letter! We often forget and forget and forget the greatness of our master
incarnate. Please,remember us again and again till
we have reached the "finish-line". JGD Ramayotee