Thursday, March 31, 2011

Love's Pearls of Wisdom

by Mahavatar Babaji

Study this Proverb and Gain Wisdom

“One wants to have one’s cake and eat it too!"

This proverb, or figure of speech, is applicable to one
who wishes to do Sadhana and Seva (having the cake)
and then to enjoy the fruits, thereof. Man does this by
allowing the ego
and pride to expand and, thereby, to
“eat the cake too.”
A true Sadhaka, who goes to the
finish line of
enlightenment, learns to “have one’s cake,”
Sadhana and Seva) and to offer the fruits, thereof,
the Divine in Love and gratitude for his life, which is
truly a part of the Divine Itself
(the ego-self not eating the
cake,the fruits).
Through the Grace of God obtained at
the Sadhaka, one doing Sadhana and
aspiring to
enlightenment, becomes a Siddha, a purified,
Enlightened One. So Let It Be that you understand this
proverb and apply it to your Sadhana and Seva.

I am Mahavatar Babaji, Champion of the Whole Humanity, Forever

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Anonymous said...

Thank You,Mahavatar,for another lesson to develop gratitude,non-expectation and humbleness on our way back to the Devine.There are daily tests to pass.And if we have failed,we are blessed by Your infinite patience with us.
JGD Ramayotee