Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Shakti Shivers Up and Down the Spine

Krishna and Radha with Swami Vishwananda's
Two Golden Hiranyagarbha Lingams
Appearance March 2 and 3, 2011

"We all are here because of our spiritual path, because of our spiritual way, this way to the heart, this way to realization, God-Realization. Most of you probably know that the main aim, on the outside, is to know thyself, to realize the completeness of who you are in Reality. In this search, you make many travels to India, travels to America, travels everywhere, but all this searching on the outside has a limit. We are on the search and the search brings us to fun places. We meet different people, but still we are incomplete. We say, “God, I have left heaven to realize it here. Whatever I’m doing, I’m doing it for Thee. Wherever I go, I’m just looking for Thee.”

“The two Golden Hiranyagarbha Lingams are the two eyes of Narayana. They symbolize the unity of the forces of the two hemispheres of the world and the Universe, which is governed by these two cosmic energies, which are the female and the male energy, which makes everything come into manifestation. The two Lingams symbolize these two cosmic energies: Shakti-Shiva, Lakshmi-Narayana. Lord Narayana shows that all is present within Him –The Creator, the Protector and the Destroyer is only Him. The big “I” is only Him. There is no you. Nothing exists other than Him.
" –Sri Swami Vishwananda

Shakti -Shiva
Shakti Shivers Up and Down the Spine

Rain sound falling on a rooftop, for some,
Sends Shakti Shivers up and down the spine,
A sign of the spirit, the Shakti,
Felt from the heart of your center,
The Heart-Self in man.

Krishna calls to Radharani as
His wave of Love
Travels the ley lines of heart to heart and
Mind to mind in Spiritland through time:
“Dearest Radha . . .
Show my people how to Love

Like only you can love!”

Winsome willow trees sway in the wind
As man plays in the sandbox of time.
Hanuman, that God of the Wind, whispers
A tune to the true devotee’s heart:
“Rama, Rama, Ram.”

Narayana Vishnu calls to Maha Lakshmi:
“Shower your wealth upon man, in
That of the spiritual and that of the physical.
On the beautiful blue planet of water and oxygen,
Offer the Divine breath of life . . . to man.”

Swami Vishwananda, that Satguru Divine,
Rocks the hall with songs of Hallowed Love
As He weds these two, in beautiful, magnificent
Creation: That known as the Hindu
And the Christian Traditions.
We tell you truly: When he sings,
He brings the devotees,
Of all Traditions, to their feet
In ecstasy of all that is Divine,
When they make that wondrous journey
From the mind to the heart,
That Holy Union with God. . .
And all this — while still living in worldly time!
Indeed, this is a feat worthy of any God,
Given man living in Kali Yuga consciousness time!

The Gods stand ever ready to guide mankind home
To the Self, the Divine Heart Within,
Sending showers of blessings
Like raindrops falling on a rooftop
Radiating . . .
Shakti Shivers up and down the spine!


Prayers for Japan and Her People
When Swami Vishwananda was asked by a devotee what guidance he could offer us about the Japanese Earthquake, Tsunami and Nuclear Tragedy, he said one word of powerful, loving guidance:

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