Monday, March 21, 2011

Ecard and Story

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Swami teaches in the Ecard above:

“Everyone is an aspect of this Divine Love… Regardless of your religion, be it Christian, Hindu, Jewish, Muslin, Buddhist or any other path, this Divine Love connects us all”

A story of predestined following of different religions or traditions in one lifetime, which was guided from the soul:

From birth until I knew for certain that Swami Vishwananda is my heart Satguru, Master Christ Jesus was my primary Teacher, my Guru, along with many spiritual teachers including a Guru in India for many years. Of course the teachers are omnipresent and they always are with us when we need them or when it is in Divine Timing that we work with them on our spirtual path.

In 2006, I met Sri Swami Vishwananda at a Darshan. During a brief “Interview” after this first Darshan where I met Swami I asked him, “Do you have anything to say to me?” He smiled, patted me on the head, and said, “Not yet!”

Three months later I began following Swami Vishwananda around to six countries feeling compelled to attempt to get to know him better. I wondered when, or if ever, would his, “Not yet,” maybe turn into “now I will tell you something.” As I was leaving South Africa having gone there for Swamiji’s 28th birthday celebrations and his visit there, I was sitting in a taxi ready to leave and Swami sent someone to tell me to come back inside to say goodbye.

We stood for a moment just looking into each other’s eyes and finally he tapped me lightly on the heart and said, “How is it in here?” I could not believe what come out, “I simply said, “I love you.” I was amazed I had said that and wondered what he must be thinking. Now, of course, I realize it is all right to say these things to Swami as he loves us all the same and knows what is in our heart. Then, he said, “My dear, I will tell you one thing: “Your path is with Mahavatar Babaji.” Even though I was well acquainted with Babaji at that time, I was still surprised at what Swami had said, as I thought of Babaji as one of my many spiritual teachers and the thought had not crossed my mind that “…my path was with Mahavatar Babaji.” It took me some time to integrate and Realize what Swami said was truth. And I have come to realize that when I say that I am following the path of Mahavatar Babaji, it means also that I am following the path of Sri Swami Vishwananda and Christ Jesus, as well. As Swam Vishwananda said in the Ecard above, we all are an : "...aspect of this Divine Love… Regardless of your religion, be it Christian, Hindu, Jewish, Muslin, Buddhist or any other path..” The teachers never go anywhere when they seem to step back and another teacher seems to be the main teacher at the moment, because they are omnipresent. And when one is blessed to have the Satguru find you, one is blessed indeed!

Once, when I was working mainly with another spiritual teacher, Christ Jesus appeared and revealed a wonderful teaching. I was an avid snow skier at that time, and one day while skiing in the beautiful powder snow in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, USA, a snowboarder took a jump that snowboarders make from piled up snow, and coming from behind me, obviously misjudging what was ahead of him, he took the jump and literally landed on my back. The snowboarder and I ended up in a pile of bodies, skies and snowboard on the cold ground. Lucky for him, he was not hurt and he skied off to send the ski patrol because I could not lift my right arm. When the ski patrol arrived on a ski mobile, there followed a wild ride down the mountain wrapped up like an Egyptian mummy in a contraption shaped like a canoe behind a snowmobile and a ski patrol person driving. At the hospital, x-rays showed that my upper right arm was fractured in 2 places in the shape of a “T”.

One day while recovering from this injury, which amazingly never had any pain whatsoever, I took a nap one afternoon. A short time later, I awoke abruptly to see an upstanding figure across the room near a window wrapped in what seemed to be a burial shroud. At the moment my heart knew it was Christ Jesus standing there, the physical form of Jesus stepped out of the shroud as the shrouded figure still stood beside him. I wondered how Jesus had been able to step out of the shroud standing in my room, and also, how he had left the imprint of his physical form on the so-called ‘Shroud of Turin,”

Master Christ Jesus said: “I raised the vibration of my physical form to such a degree that it rose up through the burial cloth and “burned” the cloth so that the imprint of the body remained on the cloth. This cloth is now called the ‘Shroud of Turin.’ Divine energy preserves the shroud.” Both the shrouded figure and the physically appearing form of Master Christ Jesus then disappeared. I thought Jesus had come to comfort me in this time of injury. From childhood Christ has appeared and talked with me and I consider him my friend, as well as my spiritual teacher. However, it was a puzzle as to why Christ came in his burial shroud, then stepped out of it, and then proceeded to explain how he created the image on the “Shroud of Turin!”

A few minutes after this appearance of Christ, I called a good friend to share my story of Christ’s appearance. My friend and I had planned before my injury to attend a spiritual workshop, whose subject is now long forgotten, that same evening Jesus had appeared in the afternoon. I had decided not to go to the workshop, as it was difficult to dress and drive with my fractured right arm. During our telephone conversation my friend persuaded me to go to the workshop anyway. When I arrived, she was at the entry waiting for me. She said, “You are not going to believe one of the subjects this workshop will include. She led me to the front of the room where the speaker had several items placed on a table off to the side of the room that he planned to use in his lectures during the weekend.

To my surprise, my friend pointed to a large picture of the Shroud of Turin with the face of Jesus clearly showing the blood from the crown of thorns visible, or so it is believed by many. My friend said: “Due to your experience of seeing Jesus and his burial shroud a few hours ago, I thought you should see this picture. I have learned since arriving here that the workshop teacher this weekend will present a video and a talk on the authenticity of the “Shroud of Turn,” which is supported by a several-year study by 25 reputable scientists from around the world!


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