Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Vasudeva Kutumbakam

Only when one is doing its own function, its own duty or dharma, then there is perfect unity. Know one thing: the world is not the same. Twenty years ago and now is different. Two thousand years ago and now is different. And the next few years coming it will be different. When we look at nature, Mother Nature is reacting in such a way that it’s not pleasing to see. But when we look at humans the way they are reacting is even worse than unpleasing to see. It’s about time to change one’s mind, the way we see things. It’s about time to look at ourselves and say, “What can I change? What am I willing to change?” Many people put the tag, “I love God.” But really they don’t. They only want the quality of God. They want only to get, and get, and get from God, but they don’t really want to receive and manifest the Lord inside, the Divine within themselves. And I tell you, if they don’t want to change, Mother Nature will make them change. Sometimes if they don’t want to change in a certain way, Nature reacts in another way. Sometimes it is peaceful, but there is a change.

So, let us learn to become humble like Christ. Let us learn sincerely to love one another. Let us learn to be in unity with each situation. Let us build one family. We say in Sanskrit: “Vasudeva Kutumbakam,” which means, the whole world is one family. The peace can come first within you and through you to everybody, only when you are in unity together. When you work together with each other, you will be stronger. But if you work against others, you will be the weak one.

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