Saturday, February 5, 2011

Love's Pearls of Wisdom by Mahavatar Babaji

Love's Pearls of Wisdom
by Mahavatar Babaji

There is no small thing or great thing, in reality. Everything
is bound by love into one Cosmic Creative Force that
constantly dissolves and transforms into something new
each moment. Do not regret what has been and is no more.
Move with the Cosmic Creative Force which shapes your life,
transformed moment by moment. Be like the wind that
blows through everything in a swirling energy that seems
to have no form, but is free to go and experience
everything in its path and Beloved Holy Existence.

-Mahavatar Babaji

In meditation this morning, I became aware of Babaji in the Himalayas, as usual. His young and beautiful “Indian” form stood and smiled the most enigmatic smile. His smile brought into my heart the feeling of endlessness, without beginning and without end. It was as if he were showing me eternity in “feeling.” I felt as if he and I were in eternity, and that eternity is the true reality. No words adequately express this.

The form of Babaji gracefully rose up and out and filled the cave in which we were in. His form was pure white, although still that of a man, but transparent with the edges blurred. He wore a flowing white robe gracefully billowing around him as if a cosmic wind were blowing through him and as if he were this Cosmic Wind, in reality. His hair, snow white, was long and flowing. I understood that his form was there so that I could perceive a hint of his true Cosmic Nature which works with Earth density. He placed his hand on my head as I stood below him looking up at the vastness of His Being which, somehow, I could see permeated all of creation, even as he gave his blessing to one “small” Earth dweller.

As I stood looking up at him in wonder, and awe, and great love, Mahavatar Babaji said the above quoted words. And he said private words, such things that a soul tucks secretly into the chambers of the spiritual heart. He spoke such words that spur a soul on to even “greater” wisdom and expansive Cosmic Love. Such a blessed soul can only long to be like Him, to be with Him, forever, Amen!

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Anonymous said...

JGD Babaji,
This entry reminded me Sri Vishwananda's words from "The Blossoming of the Heart" which just has been translated. "Swami insisted, "His task is to help people become masters teachers themselves. Then he said: "On the level of consciousness, there are no master teachers and no students. We are only there to learn from one another." May All Beings become Pure Love-Light in Thy Cosmic Formless-Form Being!Guru OM!