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Swami Vishwananda Darshan Talk February 5, 2011 Excerpt:
Most of the people here are familiar with the 2012 predictions? Some people think that on the 21st of which month, September? (Some people in audience say, “December.” ) Ah, December? You’re sure December? How many are so sure it’s December? You see, I just told you, there are a lot of people who are familiar with this.

Some people think it will be the 21st of September, no, I guess it is December when everybody will become enlightened. Well, it’s good to believe that. When I was in Mauritius recently, I heard another theory that it will be the 31st of May that Jesus will come and take everybody. This was another theory some people were telling in Mauritius. Well, like I told you once, this is a subject that I like very much and to see how people believe in all these things. It’s nice to believe. It’s beautiful to see how people have so much trust in all these predictions, which I will say it’s true, but not the way it is said.

Mankind always longs for a higher purpose. The higher purpose of Man is to attain the Divine. This is the truth. All religions preach that one has to attain God. That’s why one is born several times, sometimes 800 times as a human just to attain back the Divine Self. So, imagine you get a human body. One time you can attain full Realization and sometimes you have to take 800 times birth to attain God- Realization or Self-Realization, whatever you want to call it. So that means that if you believe that on the 21st of December you will be enlightened, that’s good, but the work starts now.

Nobody wants to work for anything, but, yet, they want to get the fruit afterwards. If you don’t work, there are no fruits. If you sit around not working, will you get your salary at the end of the month? Well, some who have retired and have worked for it, they will get it, but other people, they have to work for it. It’s the same thing for God-Realization or rising in your consciousness, or whatever you want to call it; it will not be given to you just like that. You have to work for it. You have to deserve it, because still you have to polish yourself. Right now you are a diamond, which is found in nature, a rough diamond. To have beautiful shininess inside of you, to have a beautiful radiance from yourself, you have to start doing your sadhana strongly. Then, for sure, 21st of December next year you will be enlightened. Then God will say, “Yes, this one is ready. Let me give myself to him.” It’s all about the Grace of God, His giving Himself to mankind.

You know in the Hindu tradition we believe that God pervades everything; God is everywhere. All the Hindu people believe that. All the people that are spiritual believe that God is everywhere. Yet, you see, when you talk to people about the way of seeing the Divine, they say, “Yes, God is everywhere; God is everything.” Yet, within them, they don’t see God. How come? If you don’t see the Divine within you, you don’t Realise it, firstly. If it’s all the theory of the mind, it stays only outside.

If you want to Realise God it’s something very easy. You have to Realise it, firstly, within your Self, not outside of you. We pray to the Divine outside. We search for God outside, because this is the purpose of Man: to search for the Divine. At all costs, at all times, throughout lives there is only one thing, to search for the Divine, nothing else. All the drama of life, all the illusion that one creates, will stay here, only, but it’s only this that traps you to come back again and again. If you realize that this is a trap, if you realize that, “Yes, I can change certain things in myself. I can really attain the Divine and I really can attain not outside, but within my Self, firstly,” you will attain Him. But, as long as you see Him separate from you, it’s quite difficult. He will always stay separate.

You know when we say… For example, there was one passage in the Bible where Christ talk about, you know, when there was the Pharisees, all this, He was talking and said: If Abraham will be here and meet me, he will be blessed. You know about this passage? No? You should study the Bible, then. This is your culture here. You should know it better than anybody else, you know – even better than me. But this passage, in which Christ mentioned it and said: Abraham would be blessed if He were here. Well, then the Pharasees start attacking Him. They ask: Why are you bothering? Why are you talking about Abraham who is 20 generations back of you? Then Christ said: Well, indeed he will be blessed, because before he existed I AM. He never said “I was”, no? What is this I AM, which means He dooen’t identify Himself with the physical body, He identifies Himself as the soul, as a spirit, which is everlasting with the Divine?

The communion of the spirit, your soul itself, is always in communion with God, but the mind always likes to separate it. You know, we have in the Hindu prayer before we do the, let’s say the Kalash Puja, before energizing the Kalash Puja, we sit and imagine the Divine, remind ourselves, of the Divine within our Self. And from within our Self we project it in the outside, but first it’s here. That’s the word, also, in the Bible, which means, that’s Jehovah. This is in the Jewish tradition. They call it Jehovah. What does Jehovah mean? What does the word, Jehovah, mean? It means, I AM The Only. This is that God is everything – you, me, and everything around. The way we see it, we separate the Divine from the true Self.

That’s why for people to really attain God-Realization, they have to go through all this, you know. They do sadhana in the outside, but, yet, sadhana in the outside still is only a little bit it helps to Realize God. The outside is inside. But if you want, on the 21st of December, to Realize your Self, start practicing this way of thinking that God is not outside, God is inside, inside of you. That’s what, also, Christ said: In the future there will be lots of prophets. If a saint would come and say, “Come, I will show you the Kingdom of God this place or that place.” Don’t follow them, because the Kingdom of God is not here and there. It’s inside of you. This is the first place where you have to find Him, where you have to Realize Him.

You have not to just say, “Oh, I believe in God.” For sure, all of you here just sitting said, “Yes, I believe in God.” I believe all of you believe in God. But believe in God within you. Believe in God that the energy, which is allowing you to act in this world, is only Him. This is the first step. And once you have this first step, he will manifest Himself through you. It’s not just the energy that you have now. This is just 5 % of the whole energy that you use. There is much more. We say that the Divine manifests Himself? Of course, He has the power to manifest, also, in the outside, as in the inside. Once you start thinking like that He will reveal Himself inside of you and in that revelation of the Divine within you, there is the removal of the duality, that you are separated from everything.

This is where the saints always say that they have this deep communion with God and, when one has this communion with God, all the duality of the outside disappears, because only what stays is the Oneness of God Consciousness which pervades everything. And you Realize that you, your Self, from the beginning you are fully Realised. Then you Realise, also, how stupid you are, you know, because you have been always travelling around and looking for something which is just here, always, with you. So, let’s look forward, you know, for next year, but start now. What will be for the future, it is said the future is unborn. The past is gone. The present is Reality. So it’s all now. Jai Gurudev.

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