Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Letter from Mahavatar Babaji: The Paramahansa

Mahavatar Babaji: The head is given so that man can think and resonate with the Earth experience in the way of tangible encounter. The fingers are given so that man can feel the creation in the material, physical world. The eyes see the beauty God has created for man to enjoy. All the five main senses were so designed by the Creator for the optimal vehicle for Earth experience. Now many of you who have chosen to expand your knowledge of the self into the greater knowledge of the Self with Swami Vishwananda as your Guru, your teacher, are finding that the road to salvation, to enlightenment, to expansion of awareness is not always “a bed of roses.” It takes courage, commitment and tenacity to become enlightened. You have the examples of the Great Ones who have come before. They all suffer through the fire of purification, as you view their lives, for one purpose only. They show you again and again throughout your history the filaments of energetic connections to the Divine, to creation as a whole, united in the common bond of Divine Love.

When the Paramahansa, the Great White Swan, comes into view within a lifestream, you see that it is possible to purify yourself in the same ways of those who came before. The Paramhansa is a symbol of purity and is sent from the eternal Grace of the Divine to those who have the “eyes to see” as the Master Christ who came before you has shown. The Paramahansa is one way the Divine connects with His Creation in the Grace and Light of His Love for all equally.

As the Dove from the sky could be seen as the Christ was baptized by John, so it was the Paramahansa, the Holy Spirit, the Emissary of the Divine. This Paramahansa blessed that event for recorded history to take note and to provide an example for man’s own enlightenment into the Unity Consciousness of Oneness. So it is that my disciple was blessed with this experience of the Paramahansa recently and I have directed that it be revealed to you. This is given for an example of the signs, the symbols, the attunements to spiritual advancement that you all experience on your spiritual way. Be alert when these signs come to you as they are Divine Messengers, Divine Emissaries sent to you as signs of your progression into Light Body.

Utpalavati: For 40 days, I stayed at Swami Vishwananda’s Shree Peetha Nilaya from November 29 through Mahavatar Babaji’s Commemoration Day, through Christmas and New Year’s Day to January 8, 2011. I had not planned on staying that long, but Swami was there during that time for three weeks consecutively, a rare occurrence. When I was leaving and settling my account there, the person managing accounts said: “You have stayed for 40 days.” Then I remembered the significance of 40 days in spiritual purification rituals such as Jesus’ 40 days and nights in the wilderness wherein he went through temptation and renunciation, surely for an example and our benefit in succeeding generations. Knowing there are no coincidences, I have reflected on this since my return home.

December 30, while still at Shree Peetha Nilaya with Swami in residence, I had an early morning telephone appointment with the person in London who is working on the copy fitting for Babaji’s second book. This book was begun by Mahavatar Babaji in December 2010. Although the writing of the book has been completed for months, the proofreading, copy fitting and printing seems to have delay after delay. During this telephone call, I learned that the copy fitting was scheduled to be complete by the end of January. Feeling happy with the good news, I walked to a window and looked out into a world of complete whiteness. My view looked into a wooded area behind the building in which I was staying at Shree Peetha Nilya. I looked into a misty white world from sky to the ground covered with freshly fallen snow, with frozen ice and snow on trees in between. I thought: “How beautiful, pure and sacred this world looks this morning.”

A semi-circle of tall trees enclosed a large circle of meadow, white with freshly fallen snow. Every tree from the top to the ground wore nature’s garments of frozen ice and snow with many tones of white on white. It reminded me of the Himalayas where often I see Babaji with snow creating a whiteness of purity and serenity. A null zone of total stillness and the “peace that passeth all understanding” settled over me and the scene I looked into. It felt like an Energetic Divine Cloak of pure Love had been placed over me and everything in my vicinity.

Feeling my eyes and awareness magnetically directed to my left, I saw a snow-white bird fly into the quiet, surreal view of a total white world outside my window. There was no other movement in the scene before me or in my vicinity. I viewed the large bird from its right side as I thought: “This is the largest bird I ever have seen,” as it gracefully and in slow-motion flew in front of my mesmerized, wondering gaze. The bird turned sharply, but gracefully and slowly, as if in slow-motion so that I was viewing it from behind. I clearly could see that the wing-span seemed to be an amazing nine feet, each pure white feather clearly distinguishable in symmetrical Divine precision. It was then I knew from the heart, energetically, and with certainty: “This is the Paramahansa!”

I felt Mahavatar Babaji and Swami Vishwananda’s presence as the Paramahansa slowly flew off to the left in the direction from which it came. The Paramahansa, the Snow white Swan, disappeared into the whiteness of the trees and sky. This most sacred White Swan flew away, leaving me with wonder, with peace, with stillness and a heart filled with love. The Paramahansa disappeared into a white world filled with purity from the white mist of the sky to the white ice and snow frozen trees, to the newly fallen snow on the ground. I perceived holiness, sacredness all around.


Tarun said...

Wonderful - Just Wonderful - Love

Anonymous said...

Only heart will recognise heart, only pure and humble will bow down in speechlees reverence to pick up the dust from below the Divine feet of His Holiness Prema Avatar Swami Vishwananda! Mahavatar Babaji ki Jay!

madhu said...

So beautiful these words. Thanko sou much


Anonymous said...

Dear Utpalavati,
do you remember the car drive from
Shree Peetha Nilaya to Frankfurt Airport? Having had the joy to accompany you maybe i was the first who had the honour of listening to your experience with the Paramahansa.And now Mahavatar`s
letter!It`s really thrilling!Thank you for your love!JGD Ramayotee

Vishwananda-Utpalavati said...

Yes, I remember the drive to the airport on January 8, 2011. Babaji can take any individual experience and write so that it becomes universal, experiences we all have on the spiritual way. So great this Maha, this Mahavatar Babaji ki Jai!