Friday, February 4, 2011

OM Healing Experiences of Divine Nature

Stela 11 years old, Dugi Rat, Croatia

Stela Skarica, 11 years old, Dugi Rat, Croatia:
I saw Mahavatar Babaji half a minute after the OM Healing circle has started. He looked like he does in the picture which my mother has on her altar, but younger. Babaji was standing next to a person who was chanting OM. With his hands, he was showering red flower petals on her head. Through the energy channels in her body, the golden light was flowing to her feet, and through her feet black energy was leaving to the earth. The black color was not negative or bad. It seemed to me that whatever was coming out from her was to heal the earth and the earth needed it. When Babaji finished with that person he moved on to do the same to all present in the OM Healing Circle. He showered everybody with the petals, one by one, and I saw golden light flowing on through everybody down to the feet and then to the earth.

After the OM session, many testified hearing a man's deep voice singing with all of us and everybody said that they felt somebody was beside them. The whole room had a wonderful fragrance afterwards.

Elizabeth, Szczecin, Poland
December 31, New Years Eve: It had been two years since my first experience with OM Healing. It was New Year's Eve when my friends and I sat in a circle and it flowed. Literally, when I heard the New Year’s fireworks, I heard them like they were emanating from a completely different world. I felt like I was sailing across the entire ocean, carried by the all-embracing OM sound. It was a groundbreaking moment as many positive changes entered upon my life afterwards. Since that moment, I take part in OM Healing regularly. Usually that means once a week. Once, there was nobody in my hometown to lead the Om Healing so I asked Sri Swami Vishwananda for the blessing to lead a circle. That is how I became one of the leaders.

How did Om Healing help me? Above all I am much more peaceful and calm now and finally I overcame my depression which had lasted for the last 8 years, with short intervals. I have not been taking any antidepressants because I do not need them anymore. What is more, half a year ago I even resigned from my therapy. My psyche is now strong enough to get along well just by myself. Thanks to that I can carry on developing my spirituality. I am able to exercise Atma Kriya. Problems with insomnia disappeared as well. I strongly believe that, as the time goes by, thanks to OM Healing practice, other health problems also will be gone. As any other treatment, OM Healing requires time and patience to overcome, not only the signs of the illness, but also its real, underlying cause.

I fervently encourage everybody to practice OM Healing. The most beautiful thing one can gain from this technique is the opening of one’s heart to Divine Love. And during the practice of Om Healing we can emit this light of love to every being who is in need, as well.


Anonymous said...

Jay Guru Dev,
thank you all for sharing these wonderful experiences! Especially the girl's story is showing how much we are one with Mother Earth. By healing Mother Earth, we heal ourselves, by healing us, we heal her. I hope that people realize more and more that so much human illness comes from her illness for which we all are responsible. But now we awake more and more and can help us one another in the conaciousness of being one.
Love and blessings,

Anonymous said...

Dear Utpalavati,
I wanted to thank You for being instrumental to us who are in search out of the delusion of our false identity with body-mind. I did post a sincere question to Babaji and the next day You did post an entry onthe virtualbabji twitter blogger with Babaji's words that He answers the person and not the question. I wondered could it be His answer to my question?... and to my amazement I was guided to open all sorts of links regarding this secret topic - even by chance He made me run into a book to be downloaded and after the things were answered in words-mental concepts the true knowledge EXPERIENTIAL KNOWLEDGE us the Master,s strong preasance put me into deep meditative new realm! He did answer my question directly! I bow down in awe, amazement and Love to My Omnipresent Satguru Sri Vishwananda and Maha Babaji! They are with us always! Love to You!Jay

Vishwananda-Utpalavati said...

Dear Jay Tarun,
Nice that you received a tangible response from Babaji, as well as an inner one.