Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happiness through Humility

The goal of life is to attain happiness, to attain eternal bliss, and this is what mankind is here for. The rest is just secondary. But nowadays, people have placed God in the second, even third position, while other expectations are shining beautifully as number one! Misery dresses itself so beautifully that it can make you get trapped in it. And the moment you get trapped in it, she is happy.

Meditation is compared to focusing the sun rays through a lens. The sun rays cannot burn a piece of paper, but if focused through a lens, they ignite it. Similarly, a focused mind gains power to do extraordinary activities. Thus by meditation, one can control and harness the movements of the mind and attain peace and happiness. There cannot be happiness in a disturbed mind.

How can we learn humility? The best is to pray for help to look inside to see what God wants us to learn in any situation and pray for God to help us transcend it. It’s true sometimes those things come on the way that we don’t understand. Even if you try to understand, you find it very difficult. You see, it’s simple, everybody wants their own idea to be heard first, and they don’t want to hear anybody else. If you already have made up your mind about something, thousands of people can tell you to do something differently and you will have some difficulties of doing it. In your mind you already have planned it; you have already expected!

Very often people come and ask me questions and I tell them, and sometimes they are happy and sometimes they are not happy. You see people want to hear what they want to hear, but in every situation we can learn so much. We talk about humility. One way of building up humility is to be able to learn from others from a situation which is wrong, but we have to stay in a state of non-judgment.

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Anonymous said...

Happy Valentine To THY LOTUS FEET!
May All souls become pure, crystal-light hearts in THY Divine Love-Light as proclaimed by the Gospel of Matthew :
The meek. The text says that they will "inherit the earth".
The merciful. The text says that they will "obtain mercy".
The pure of heart. The text says that they will "see God".
The peacemakers. The text says that they will be called "the sons of God" Amen!