Saturday, February 12, 2011

Let God Give Himself with Dignity

I address you as children of God, because this is your true identity; this is who you truly are. Beyond all religions, beyond all castes, beyond all colors, you are the child of God. God loves all of you equally. It’s not because I am a Swami he loves me more, or loves you less. The point is that I have realized his Divinity. You all have not yet come to the point of realizing it. You know about it inside of you, because you are born with it. You are called to realize it.

Religion is one path. It’s a disciplined way that does this from the outside to the inside, but it doesn’t stop there. Very often humans start by praying, but they get stuck by the form that they’re praying to. They don’t cross over. They don’t really want to realize who they are in reality. As long as there is not this want of realizing, it’s difficult. You really need to want it, to want God. Then he can give himself with dignity. –Sri Swami Vishwananda

VISHNU YOGA (Yoga: Union with the Divine)

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