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You Did It - The Swallows of Capistrano

Photograph Courtesy Mission San Juan (Capistrano)

The Swallows of Capistrano

“I” had a dream at 2 a.m.
In the Earth Year
April 28 – 2013.

“I” had a dream.

The swallows of Capistrano,
In that land called America –
The land of freedom,
As it is written and as it is said,
Return to their birthplace
Every year – they go Home to their Chapel, their Mission.

The soul of man may take a million years
To accomplish this birthright
 – Some much less – Some more.
And only The Divine knows just when and where.

“I” had a dream at 2 a.m., the after morning –today.
The dream came in Platinum-Golden, White Light.
This Divine Message materialized in the air before
“My” wondering, overwhelmed and amazed eyes,
Accompanied by absolute love and boundless peace.
From nothing and everything, these humble
Words appeared to the “I.”

The letter said . . .

You did it

You have reached it


What is the meaning of this, “I” wondered.
There was no signature after Love and the comma
As is man’s usual drama of writing his signature
Upon the written page in black and write, you intuit.

These words, so simple, so humble, so pure
Were written there upon the air
By an invisible hand in Platinum-Golden Light.
There was no paper or pen, or even
The Great Moses’ simple stone
Written by the Almighty Finger of God.
This letter and signature was not a
Letter and signature from Man, the small “i”.
This signature came from the Formless One,
The one called Love . . . The Supreme Being,
And Nothing . . . and Everything.

“I” prayed, humbly:
“Dear God, please give me a sign,
Is this message of Light your Will, Your Love, Your Grace?
Is this letter pure truth or the mind playing
Only homeward-bound party tricks?”

ParamGuru Mahavatar Babaji . . . then . . .
Drew in the air in Platinum-Golden, White Light,
Just like the message which came before.
Mahavatar drew the six-pointed star surrounded
By a perfect circle with all six star-tips touching.
This Supreme Being said with gentle
And Supreme Loving, Absolute Authority:
“You have reached Christ-Consciousness.
I have given you the sign.

The six-pointed star consists of
Two equal, intersected triangles –
One points up toward Viakuntha.
And one triangle points downward toward
The Earth of material mankind.
The upward point represents
Narayana-Vishnu, The Divine.
The downward triangle represents man
And the material world.
The circle represents The Higher Dimensions
The greater vibrations
Of the Formless one – God!
Christ-Consciousness IS the Yogic Union of man
 – mind, body and soul -
With the Supreme Being, The Divine.
Christ showed you the way!
'My Father and I are one.'

All of you live your lives, as many as it takes.
You do your sadhana, your Atma Kriya Yoga,
Walking along . . .
Slowly like a snail
Or fast like Christ, on your spiritual way.
But realize this truly:
Dear all mankind,
When you reach Christ Consciousness
It comes from nothing the “small i” has done
- Nay
Christ Consciousness springs forth
From the Love of
The Formless Supreme One’s Di - vine Grace.”

“I” had a dream !
“I” had a dream !
“I” had a dream !


The Story of San Juan
Capistrano's Mission Swallows
The miracle of the "Swallows" of Capistrano takes place each year at the Mission San Juan Capistrano, on March 19th, St. Joseph's Day.

As the little birds wing their way back to the most famous Mission in California, the village of San Juan Capistrano takes on a fiesta air and the visitors from all parts of the world, and all walks of life, gather in great numbers to witness the "miracle" of the return of the swallows.

Each year the "Scout Swallows" precede the main flock by a few days and it seems to be their chief duty to clear the way for the main flock to arrive at the "Old Mission" of Capistrano.

With the arrival of early dawn on St. Joseph's Day, the little birds begin to arrive and begin rebuilding their mud nests, which are clinging to the ruins of the old stone church of San Juan Capistrano. The arches of the two story, high vaulted Chapel were left bare and exposed, as the roof collapsed during the earthquake of 1812.

This Chapel, said to be the largest and most ornate in any of the missions, now has a more humble destiny--that of housing the birds that St. Francis loved so well.

After the summer spent within the sheltered walls of the Old Mission in San Juan Capistrano, the swallows take flight again, and on the Day of San Juan, October 23, they leave after circling the Mission bidding farewell to the "JEWEL OF ALL MISSIONS" San Juan Capistrano, California.


The Swallows Return to Mission San Juan Chapel Capistrano

This Video Song is offered in the spirit of the words meaning
The SatGuru Returns to the Disciple taking
that one back to God

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