Thursday, April 25, 2013

Love's Pearls of Wisdom - Mahavatar Babaji

The rules of the game of life live in the Collective Consciousness of human minds. All the spiritual work done by those of you who follow the 'spiritual rules' of your Sat Guru assist all humankind by placing into the Christ-Krishna Consciousness the tenants of ancient India and the Vedic Tradition. Through Atma Kriya Yoga that Sir Swami Vishwananda Premavatar has brought into the world directly from His Guru is one way to help mankind. Is humanity ready? The teachers of Atma Kriya Yoga are helping to prepare the people for commitment to the Yogi way of spiritual life; for all is spiritual; all is God.

Once, one of Swami Vishwananda's Atma Kriya Yoga teachers taught a class. Several people experienced the Shaktipat of Swamiji and, as you call me, Mahavatar Babaji. One person in the class was very sad because this one could not feel anything in the Shaktipat Initiation or the entire class teachings. Yet, when this one began practicing what was learned in the Kriya class, on a more or less regular basis, this one began to grow spiritually and become more consciously aware of the spiritual teachers who offer Kriya to the world. 

It is like this for many and the Atma Kriya Yoga teachers are aware of this anomaly in their students. Now this is addressed by most teachers in their classes. This is important for Kriya teachers to keep in awareness when they teach.

Blessed be the workers, the army of the Lord,

Mahavatar Babaji 

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