Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Satsang with Swamiji

Satsang with Sri Swami Vishwananda, 18 April 2013

(summary / excerpt)

Last night Guruji gave another wonderful Satsang, which lasted more than 3 hours. As always, the atmosphere was very joyful with a lot of laughter and Guruji enjoyed his exchanges with the devotees present, often re-directing questions to the audience. And truly there were many, many questions asked. They will soon be available to all of you in written form as well as audio. Here is a selection of some of the questions and the respective answers in their essence for you.  In some cases, Guruji gave us new insights and in some he simply reiterated what he has already been saying in past Satsangs:

Q.: Do we have to ask God for help for a sick person only once or several times?
SV: If you have trust and faith one time is enough. If you don´t, you ask many times. To build up faith you should ask only one time and try to trust in Him. If you do things with confidence and faith it will turn out good.

Q.: What is the purpose of life?
SV: Looked at from the mind level, it’s a different purpose for each individual, looked at from the soul level it’s the same purpose for all. You have to transcend the human into the Divine, but not just knowingly – you have to MAKE it happen.

Q.: What is the soul-partner? How to recognise?
SV: The (idea of) a soul-partner is just to make people feel happy about their decision. There is no soul-partner. The real partner for the soul is God. What one perceives as soul-partner is a soul-recognition from past lives. You have to finish things (karma) with them.

Q.: How to transfer spirituality to children?
SV: Be a good example. Never force children. You can talk to them and explain.

Q.: How is it in heaven?
SV: There is a heaven. Know one thing: Love is felt with the heart. In heaven you do not have a heart. There is a form of Love because you are that Love. When you incarnate you become an expression of that Love. As a human when you realise yourself you experience bliss. Then it does not matter, where you are, here on earth or in another sphere. Heaven is another stage of realisation. There are also stages of heaven. All locas are heaven, some inferior, some superior, but always bliss. There is a sublimation of Love. You experience Love as you being Love. The individuality of the souls stays. The soul has supreme identity. Here is heaven, but you make it hell by the way you think about it.

Q.: When does a child start to collect karma?
SV.: The moment you take your first breath the law of karma starts, but you don´t collect karma. A child starts to collect karma when it develops a sense of “mine” (it get’s greedy).

Q.: Are there consequences or side effects to organ transplantation?
SV: If you are dead there are no consequences for the donor. The person who receives might have consequences, because the body carries karma. The consequences are depending from whom you receive. If you receive from a saint- very good!

Q.: Is there a cure for migraine?
SV: Drink enough water.

Q.: How to protect from negative energies/ influences from the outside?
SV: Trough prayer.

Q.: What is the connection between the Ishtadev and the Guru?
SV: The Ishtadev is revealed to the devotee by the Guru. When the devotee builds up an intense relationship to the Ishtadev, the Ishtadev will guide them to the supreme Lord. When the devotee is ready, the Ishtadev will appear to the Guru and ask the Guru to give realisation. Only the Guru can give realisation, not the Ishtadev.

Guruji was also speaking about how people ask for their Ishtadev, but have already on their mind what they wish for. Then they are disappointed that their Ishtadev is not who they were hoping for. It was actually really funny, how he told us, what he sees in their third eye and how it is different to their mind and that he is then in a conflict, whether or not to reveal their Ishtadev or not. So it is good to be open and happy about the information, because it is a really special gift from the Guru to receive such information.

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