Monday, April 8, 2013

Evolving Humanity and a ParamGuru Experience

ParamGuru Experience

The following experience with  Mahavatar is shared through His vahana of this experience, the snow white Paramahansa brought to you on the wings of Divine Love. A Paramahansa is not a physical, but rather a mystical bird, a state of consciousness. The Paramahansa may be seen, on occasion, with the physical eyes through the ajna energy center between the eyebrows, the third eye. If you wish this or a similar experience, Mahavatar Babaji communicates how you may have this in the last sentence.

Premavatar Swami Vishwananda communicated to me Navaratri 2012: “Your mission is to spread the message of Mahavatar Babaji.” The experiences Babaji guides me to share are given solely
“to spread the message of Mahavatar Babaji” to everyone.”

In this experience, Mahavatar, rarely meeting expectations and always majestically loving, authoritative, wise and God-like, responded in actions and silent words that were symbolic. This experience seemed to be like a cosmic puzzle that my heart had to embrace to realize His meaning.

A chalice (cup sitting on a delicate stem) materialized in Mahavatar’s hands. The chalice changed from silver to gold and continued back and forth, first silver, then gold. Mahavatar said: “With this
cup, I thee wed.” The thought came: “At weddings the couple says to each other, “With this ring, I thee wed.” Mahavatar then handed me the still changing cup, first silver then gold. I looked inside and therein was a red-colored liquid substance. The thoughts came: “Is this Mahavatar’s blood?” But how can that be? Babaji is not physical but only appears so when He wishes?

Not saying anything either out loud or silently as we most often communicate, Mahavatar waved his hand in a motion that indicated that I was to drink from the Holy Chalice of silver and gold. This I did, wondering if the liquid would taste like blood. Suddenly, the sweet, honey, jasmine, multi-flower and sandalwood fragrance and taste of amrita flowed from the chalice into my mouth. As the amrita spread throughout, a silent, loving peace filled every cell.

Mahavatar’s “liquid blood-love” silently communicated: “I love you; we are wedded as one in the Most Holy relationship of Divine Love mutually chosen, naturally shared as One!”

Mahavatar then said: “All people have this same Divine Right; they simply must surrender everything to The Divine and Love Unconditionally.”


Anonymous said...

Jai gurudev!

Wow, that was really great. May we all achieve such level as yours.

With love,

Vishwananda-Swamini Vishwalakshmianandama said...

Jsi Gurudev, N.
Please understand that the experience I wrote about was Mahavatar's Grace. Still am not in a constant state of higher consciousness or remembered enlightenment. Thank you for your comment so that I could clarify this.
-Swamini VishwaLakshmiAnandama