Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Tribute To The Gods - Narayana-Vishnu, Shiva, Mahavatar Babaji

(Inspired and written in meditation with
Mahavatar Babaji in His Cave
In the Himalayas 17.4.2013)
Vishnu steps out of Narayana The Supreme,
Who is standing before you . . . still . . .  like a
Beautiful Blue Murti in a blue mist that obscures Him,
As if He is not ready to reveal Himself completely.
This Great Lord Vishnu moves forward to you
Leaving the Murti-like Narayana behind Him.
Vishnu moves through countless, golden energy archways,
One after another, like the many arches
In the greatest, most lovely Cathedral in this world.
Vishnu’s raiment shines with a plethora of jewelry,
Crown of gold, silk garments, and a
Radiant face and countenance that
Opens your heart to Divine Love.
The sweetness of the honey and milk contained in all
Of Vaikuntha, this God Vishnu offers in His blessing.
You stand in awe before such sweet, gentle, powerful Divine Love.
Your heart opens and melts into this Love, so pure, so true.
And you bow and touch His lotus feet in complete
Love and surrender.

Shiva bursts into one’s awareness like lighting
Flashing on the horizon – powerful, threatening,
Beautiful, regenerating and destroying with
One flash of powerful Light and Love.
You touch your cheek to His and
He says, “I love you.”
Bliss follows . . .
You bow in awe of His destroying-regenerating
.  .  .  Powerful .  .  .  Love !

Mahavatar Babaji . . . Oh, Belove-ed . . .
His Beauty and Radiance brings you to
Your knees.
You cannot move a muscle.
You stare at Him in wonder.
Standing in the Himalayas with Him,
This Great Being steps into a silver container.
Mahavatar gracefully sits and invites you
To pour Ganges River water over him
From a beautiful silver urn,
Again and again, in a ritual Guru Bath
That only His direct disciples are permitted.
You feel bhakti tears of humble submission
Of all your “sins and misdeeds.”
And you are humbled and eternally thankful
For His Divine Love and Grace.

The Gods, such as these, take a thousand,
Nay . . . countless . . .  steps toward you when
You take one step toward them and
You humble yourself and surrender to Love !



Anonymous said...

Dear Swamini VishwaLakshmiAnandama,
i never read such an outstanding,
wonderful , heart-touching poem
before. We can feel the reality of the inner experience the author has had. Thank you for having shared with us these breath-taking lines. They can open new
realms of consciousness and intensify our relationship to the
divine beings.JGD Ramayotee

Vishwananda-Swamini Vishwalakshmianandama said...


You touch our hearts, our soul with your kind words. To Unconditionally Love and inspire others is our mission, our purpose for being here on the way to remembered enlightenment.