Thursday, April 18, 2013

Love's Pearls of Wisdom - Mahavatar and About Ram

Everyone has a Voice Within which clamors and clangs.
This is the voice of the ego-self. There is a sound which resonates 
With the spiritual heart, the Voice of the True Self – Listen.

Mahavatar Babaji
Champion of the Whole Humanity

Mahavatar tells a story: In the heart of the Himalayas, high in the snowy forest, there once dwelt a Yogi of great renown. He sat in meditation for 18 hours a day. His Guru was as you know me, Mahavatar Babaji. In many lifetimes on Earth, this Yogi had been a great teacher to the people of ways to make spiritual progress. I wished him to incarnate into the house of Ram, the Great Avatar, and help Ram with his mission as has been told in the Great Indian Epic, The Ramayana. This Yogi, my disciple, did as I requested and is a part of this story. Do you know The Ramayana

I request those of you who read our work here, if you feed guided from "The Voice Within of the True Self," which we spoke about in the above "Pearls of Wisdom". to locate a copy of The Valmiki RAMAYANA Retold in Verse by Swami Rama.

Do you know that Valmiki was the first person on Earth to write in poetic form? Even though American English is a young language, Swami Rama did a superb work when he wrote Valmiki's RAMAYANA. It is very beautiful.

From The Ramayana
by Swami Rama

the Bala Kanda (chapter)

That Bull of Munis spoke a word
To Narad, if he'd ever heard
Of any hero, versed in duty
Strong and brave, endowed with beauty,
Fearless, awesome, loving true,
One who would, his mind, subdue?
Did anyone now, walk the face
Of Earth, delightful to his race?
Narad did Valmiki please,
Relating all with brilliant ease.
"A jewel among the human race,
On the Earth his time does pace.
From Ikshvaku (meaning Sun Dynasty)
He is born.
Beauty does that one adorn
Righteous. valiant, kind and true,
His senses does that one subdue.
A master of the martial arts,
Acquainted with celestial darts,
Refuge of the troubled world.
Dasharatha was; his sire;
Ram's the fruit of his desire.
His father wished to make him king
But jealousy one queen, did bring.
The boons he gave to her, she claimed -- 
Her son as regent should be named
And Ram in exile should be sent,
Living like a mendicant
His brother, wife, did him attend,
Together would their exile spend,
King Guha was their trusted friend,
On him they all could now depend.
To Chitrakuta they were brought
They would live there, so they thought.
Happily they would there live
But the king could not forgive
Kaikeyi and soon died of grief;
His sorrow could find no relief.
To Bharat did they bring the throne.
But this the prince could not condone.
He searched for Ram to take it back
But Ram remained upon his track
And gracefully refused the throne;
The forest now to him was known
The sandals from Ram's lotus feet
Prince Bharat found divinely sweet..."

Beloved Ones, I bid you adieu,
Blessing you all to spiritually grow and renew.

Mahavatar Babaji

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