Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Winning the Ultimate Goal of Life

Make the ultimate goal of your life Divine love, and surrender to it. You know what God wants from you? Surrender your mind to Him, continuously. Surrender your mind to the lotus feet of God, to the feet of your Guru, to the feet of any Divine master. And free yourself. Free yourself from the mind, free yourself from all the misery that you created. So when you free your mind, you realise the Divine everywhere in every aspect, every small thing. Even the clothes you are wearing are divine. Each atom is divine.

-Swami Vishwananda

Winning The Ultimate Goal of Life

Restless souls strive in the night to bring home
The fruit of their soul’s response to the maya of the day.
This is the offering of your day to the Divine,
For, without God, man is lost in the wilderness of time.

Roots of birth and lives lived in many bodies. . .
Yet, have memories stored forever in the present
Moment of the current lifestream.
These soul memories offer this lifetime a storehouse
Of experience, learning and fortitude
Against the storms of life and human love.

Grief rests in flashes of light sent outward from within.
To purify grief of any type of material loss,
One must run the race and win the Ultimate Goal of Life,
By giving everything to God and holding nothing back.
One must surrender to the Divine everything and
Tear asunder, through surrender, all of the material world,
Even our grief and worldly desires of any nature and kind!

The bright red color of the cardinal bird stands
Out in the environment in which
It wings its way through life.
The red bird is a mystic symbol for the red blood of the
Pentecostal Christ; and to the Yogis it symbolizes
The Shakti energy of awakening light.

So it is that those who surrender to the Divine
– Everything –
From riches to pauper to halo and crown,
Like the Red Bird, will stand out in life’s environment.
And they will attain the Ultimate Goal of Life,
- Divine Love -
To rest in the Heavenly Worlds of Love Divine. . .
In the many mansions of the Mother-Father God.
Amen and OM!


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