Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Gurupurnima with Swami Vishwananda 2012

Gurupurnima with Sri Swami Vishwananda was the most special of all the ones to which I have been. Several people also said that to me today. Swami was slim and looked like he did 7 years ago when I met him. The spiritual energy was very high and everyone seemed happy.

In the early morning we did morning prayers. This was followed by 108 bhajans sang throughout the day by different groups from different countries, which has become a tradition of Guru Purnima in recent years. In the evening Swami gave the blessing and the devotees offered their gifts to Swami, the Krishna Arpan. Swami spoke about surrender and how we do not have to come back and have other lifetimes if we choose to surrender now in this lifetime.

During the day Swami told us that he wanted all the Swamis to give a talk. The pictures you see of me speaking were taken while Swami was receiving the rose petals from devotes. All were beautifully blessed.

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