Thursday, July 26, 2012

Love's Pearls of WIsdom from Mahavatar Babaji

As we stand on a green hill filled the wild flowers of springtime in the Great Himalayas, we view the higher snow-capped mountains in the distance. Holding two sticks of round, smooth wood, I hand you one stick. I challenge you to a dance, accompanied by music, which dates back to the warrior class of Indian martial arts spiritual practices. This takes concentration and connects your energy with the other person with whom you are dancing. For if one does not pay strict attention to where the other person’s stick is aimed, and you do not connect or ”defend” with your stick, you may feel a hit to the physical form. Practice this in meditation with me. Many of you will be surprised at the resulting energy you feel within. As Arjuna and Krishna taught you, one’s dharmic intention is very important in dancing, war and all life. And remember, the Gopis enjoyed dancing with Krishna! 

Mahavatar Babaji

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Anonymous said...

What greater joy can be than practicing the "stick-dance"
with Mahavatar?
JGD Ramayotee